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How to Set Up A Social Media Marketing Strategy in the Beauty Industry

Why you need a strategy?

Setting up a marketing strategy in social networks is a job that should not be underestimated. It is an essential part of your general marketing strategy that you do not just “do.” Social networks are incredibly important and also seem to be increasingly important in marketing. Especially with the growth of the number of Adblockers in our country, social networks can help you get clients and thus achieve the desired volume of business. Read all about how to set up a social media marketing strategy in the beauty industry in just a few simple steps!

A revolutionary industry

The beauty industry is a branch that millions are using. Both men and women face beauty problems every day. It goes much further than makeup. What about shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam, and day cream? These are all the products you use every day.

Within this industry, social networks are an indispensable step in the marketing strategy. Competition is fierce, so positioning is critical. Of course, you want people to buy your product and not from the competitors. You need a good marketing strategy to survive in this world like Imperial Leisure. Imperial Leisure is a creative agency in London.

Who is your target group?

When you start a marketing strategy, it is always good to know who you want to reach. This applies not only to a marketing strategy in social networks but to any other marketing strategy. Without a clear target group, I can already tell you that your marketing strategy will not be successful.

If you do not know for whom you are producing something, how does the recipient know that it is intended for him or her?

Go for a pre-defined goal

Now that you know for whom you are going to publish content, it is also useful to know what your purpose is with the material you have placed. If your goal is to sell a product and, therefore, increase sales, the publications will have a different approach to whether you want to tell the latest beauty news.

Therefore, discuss well what you want to achieve as a company and how you want to do it.

Choose the correct channels

Something that is incredibly important in a social media marketing strategy in the beauty industry is choosing the right social media channels. When you think about setting up social media channels, it is likely you will create an account on all platforms. You can, of course, but it is much smarter to focus your marketing strategy on social networks in your specific target group.

One networking site that is widely used in the beauty industry is Instagram. When you want to set up a social media marketing strategy in the beauty industry, Instagram is the perfect way to start. On this platform, you can make yourself, and your products visual. Literally. When active on Instagram, you might want to consider to use Instagram services. They will help you reach your target audiences faster. Click here to learn more about these Instagram services.

Complete your profile

This step seems very logical, but I still add it: complete your entire profile. As a company, you want to be as transparent as possible to your client. Completing your profile on social networks can help enormously.

By completing everything you know for sure, your client knows all the information about you. There is nothing more annoying for the customer than looking for contact information because he or she has a question about your product. Especially not when it’s a small effort for you to put that somewhere. When creating your profile, be sure not to skip anything. You can also Buy tiktok followers if you’re just starting to make your profile look complete.

Go for visual

Now that you know who your target audience is, what channels you want to activate and have your profiles created, it’s time to think about what exactly you want to publish. Keep in mind that publications with a better visual score higher than non-visual publications. Photographs are particularly crucial in a sector such as the beauty industry. After all, you want to promote your product.

The way you want to publish your publications depends, of course, entirely on you and your company. The best types are the photos of products, pictures with samples (how the product looks on the skin, so you know what the effect is) and photographs of general aspects in which products of your brand are used.

Make sure you have your target audience in mind with your posts. With the type of photo, the text that accompanies it (caption) and the emojis you use will say something about your target audience, the age category, and the social class.

The tone of voice

In addition to determining its visual content, the tone of voice is also an essential ingredient in a social media marketing strategy in the beauty industry. How are you going to appeal to your target group?

The important thing here is to look again at your target group. It is a difference if you want to talk with younger girls aged 14 to 16 or with men that are above 35 years old.

Choose your strategy

Now that you know what content you are going to publish, the next step is to further develop the strategy around the publication, other than pushcrew. After all, good content works best when placed at the right time. Not only that, but you should also think carefully about how often you want to start publishing. Is that once a week or six times a day?

The best time to post depends a bit on the platform you will be active on. On Facebook, you can post better between 1 pm and 4 pm, while on Instagram you’re better between 5 pm and 6 pm. Think also about your target group: if you’re targeting students, at what time do they leave school? An older target group gets stuck in a traffic jam after a day’s work and is not home until late.

It is a matter of scanning and testing. What works for one does not necessarily lead to success for another. Find out gradually what works best for your company.

The importance of the influencers

If your company focuses on a younger target group, then you cannot skip this part: the success of the influencers. There is almost no other industry in which the success of the influencers is as big as this one. If you want to set up a marketing strategy in social networks in the beauty industry, it is good a good idea to keep a part of your budget free for collaborations.


The most important thing to keep in mind will always be your target audience. A good definition of your target audience will get you further.