centellian 24 madeca derma mask review

Does the Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Mask Reduces Your Acne or Dark Spots?

Madeca Derma is currently one of the most popular skin care product in the Philippines right now after Raiza Contawi, a popular Filipino Beauty Vlogger, shared that the Madeca Derma Cream and Mask are the products that helped her achieve flawless-looking skin. I’ve seen her in person in Ed Sheeran’s concert in Manila last April (I sat a few seats away from her but I’m too shy to ask for a selfie), her skin looks really smooth and glowing. Sure, she may have makeup on that time, but if you have acne-prone skin like mine, such smooth and glowy-looking skin couldn’t be easily achieved. So when I’ve watched her video about Madeca Derma, I bought a set immediately. But did it also work on me? Does it suit all skin types? Scroll down to read my Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Mask review.

I will only review the sheet mask in this post, I will write about the cream next week. I like to separate my reviews because I like to focus on one product at a time. But I will post the Madeca Derma Cream review next week.

I may not like the feeling this Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Mask leaves on the skin nor its scent, but I like how it instantly moisturizes my skin and effectively gives me a brighter skin.
Smoothens the skin


Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Mask claims to be a “2-week miracle” created a top pharmaceutical company in South Korea called Dongkook. It is a deep moisturizing sheet mask that penetrates wrinkle lines to minimize the progression and appearance of aging. It soothes the skin damage caused by UV, heals damaged and/or scarred skin, enhance skin moisture, improve rough skin texture and remove dead skin cells, and relieve deep wrinkles, freckles, and pigmentation.

In 2 weeks it will rejuvenate damaged skin, augment the moisture in your skin, soothe itchy dry skin and relieve freckles and pigmentation.

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This Madeca Derma Mask does not really contain a specific ingredient that targets the acne, in fact, this is not for the sensitive skin either! It contains Lavander Oil, Orange Oil, Citric Acid, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Alcohol Denant, and Jasmine Oil that can be irritating for those with sensitive skin.

Having said that, this also contains Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient and promotes wound healing; and it also has Niacinamide which is both has an anti-aging and brightening benefits. You can read more about its full ingredient analysis in CosDNA.


APPLICATION: After cleansing your face apply some skin toner first. Take the Madeca Derma Sheet Mask out of the package and adhere it evenly over your face avoiding the eye and mouth area. Then remove it after 10-20 minutes. Using your finger, gently pat remaining product into the skin for absorption.

SCENT: It has a distinct scent, that resembles the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner, the original version.

PACKAGING: I haven’t found a shop that sells this per piece yet, most shops including mine, sell this in a box set of 10.

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FORMULA: Most sheet masks come with an essence that is thin and transparent. But this one comes with a thick and creamy that doesn’t feel like an essence or serum at all, it’s more like a slightly watery and less tacky cream version of the Madeca Derma Cream. While the sheet mask is made of cotton, it’s not that smooth at all. It only feels smooth because it is soaked with the cream. It does not absorb fast into the skin and it looks REALLY shiny on the skin so if you have oily skin, I suggest using this the night before your big event.

RESULT: I may not like the feeling this sheet mask leaves on the skin nor its scent, but I like how it instantly moisturizes my skin and effectively gives me a brighter skin. Because of that, I believe with continued use the Madeca Derma Sheet Mask will be able to reduce your dark spots, however, I don’t see this as an effective anti-acne mask since it doesn’t really contain an actual anti-acne ingredient. Although it contains anti-inflammatory, I find it’s not strong enough for those suffering from a breakout or cystic acne, but it still helps a little.

For the anti-wrinkle claim, I cannot vouch for it yet but I do see my skin look plumper and smoother when the cream is fully absorbed by my skin. That is why I recommend for you to use this before a big event.

So in short, it is effective in reducing dark spots but it’s not a strong anti-acne treatment. And don’t expect a 2-week miracle. YMMV!

NOTE 10/10/2018: I have a review update regarding Madeca Derma in this post.

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You can purchase the Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Mask II in my Hi Charis for $12 or Php650 for a box set of 10. We ship worldwide and offers free shipping on a certain amount of orders.

Or you can also purchase The Acne Rescue Kit which contains both the Madeca Derma Sheet Mask (10x + 4x) and Cream (1x Full Size + 1x Sample Size) for only $48.50 or Php2,620.

You can also purchase this in The Ance Rescue Kit Ultimate which contains 2x Madeca Derma Creams (sample and full size) and a total of 16 Madeca Derma Sheet Masks. It cost $62.70 or Php3,390.

This is also available in Go Bloom & Glow for Php100 per sheet. And don’t forget to this coupon code MARIM60 to get ₱100 OFF on your entire order (minimum of ₱1000, single use only).

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