where to buy colourpop in the philippines

Where to Buy ColourPop in the Philippines?

They started with lipsticks and eyeshadows, but now this indie brand from the US has now expanded to eyeliners, highlighters, bronzers, brow liners, concealers with a wide range of colors, makeup brushes, and even setting sprays! ColourPop has become successful worldwide not because it’s a celebrity-owned brand, it’s because people genuinely like their products. They’re affordable with the quality of a high-end beauty product. Besides those, they also had and will have amazing collaborations with popular beauty vloggers and other brands like My Little Pony. But if you live outside of the US, buying their products is a little tricky even though they ship worldwide and even offer free shipping. Because like in the Philippines, it can have a huge customs tax fee or worst, “get lost” from shipping as most PhilPost employees claim that happens. Plus, most Filipinos don’t use have credit cards and ColourPop only accepts US-based PayPal. So what will an average Filipino do to get their hands on this most covetable and affordable makeup brand? Buy it from resellers of course! But it’s dangerous because ColourPop became so popular they’ve been a target of counterfeit manufacturers as well. But you don’t have to look longer, below is the list of shops where to buy ColourPop in the Philippines!

1. ColourPop: Yes, you can buy directly in ColourPop if you’re from the Philippines because they offer free international shipping (In the Philippines, I think it’s $50). But it’s up to you, you can opt for it to be shipped to address but it will go through the PhilPost and customs where you may have to pay for the PhilPost storage and customs tax, plus it takes a while. Or you can opt for it to be shipped via ShippingCart.com where it will be shipped faster and straight to your home, no need to wait in PhilPost and pay customs tax. But, it’s a little pricier.

2. Assyria08 – I don’t usually recommend Shopee sellers but this one was recommended by the ladies of Project Vanity. And browsing their site, they have impressive stocks of not only THe Ordinary products but also Colourpop.

3. Honey Dews & Lemons – Another Shopee seller I trust. What I love about them is that they have the latest products from Colourpop, Caboodles, and other US beauty brands.

4. BeautyMNL: One of the most popular and most trusted online store in the Philippines. They’re my go-to shop for beauty products that are hard to find in the local stores. So obviously, they also sell ColourPop products.

5. MUP Store: If I can’t find it in BeautyMNL, there’s a huge chance I find it here. They sell many beauty brands from the US, not just ColourPop, but also The Ordinary, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pat McGrath Labs, and more!

So far, these are the list of shops where to buy ColourPop in the Philippines. This list will be updated when I discover new shops.