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Top Proven Hacks to Wake Up Early For Night Owls

Night owls have a tendency to work efficiently at night but waking up before noon is a challenge for them. But this is also a proven fact that being a night owl invites a lot of health hazards that can make a person have a significant amount of mood swings, anxiety and feeling of tiredness for rest of the day. Also, not everyone will wait to schedule meetings late in the evening or at lunch to accommodate your sleeping schedule. So it is better to change the sleeping habits for a healthy lifestyle and a good professional life.

ways to improve your sleep quality

One of the best habits of smart and successful people is that they wake up early and do not compromise with sleep. So if getting up early is an issue then follow these simple hacks:

  • Have a night beauty regimen: The best way to prepare yourself for sleep is to bring attention to yourself and prepare your body for sleep. After a warm bath, make a routine to treat your skin with essential oils and night cream. Moisturize your skin and the fragrance will help to relax the mind and induce sleep. There are many beauty products with relaxing aroma that works best on dark circles, dry skin and also help the mind to relax.
  • Log off from gadgets an hour before sleep: It is said that even a small red or blue light from the gadgets can hamper the work of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. So keep the gadgets away from the bed and sign off on the Smartphone and tablets to relax your mind as the hyperactive mind will never sleep.
  • Forget to snooze: Snooze is that feature that allures people to give in to that extra 10 minutes of blissful sleep just before waking up. Undoubtedly mind is at play but it is also not easy to break the habit of snoozing. Get an alarm clock that does not snooze and keeps ringing till you get up to switch it off, get at a discounted price from Bydiscountcodes and keep it at a place where you have to get up from the bed to switch off.
  • Replace caffeine with water: Water helps to activate the body and metabolism replenishing the body after a good sleep. Coffee, on the other hand, works for short interval but then again makes one habitual and groggy. Also, avoid drinking caffeine before going to bed at least 3 hours before bedtime for a better sleep.
  • Do not change sleep pattern suddenly: Often people who are used to sleeping at 4 am and wake up around 12 pm suddenly change their sleeping pattern to sleeping at 12 am and wake up at 6 am. This won’t happen as the body and mind are conditioned to sleep late. Use 15-minute time interval i.e. sleep 15 minutes earlier than the set time and wake up 15 minutes before the set time. Do it for a week and then move the time again, this will help the body to adapt to change and it won’t feel shocked.
  • Meditate before sleep: Give yourself some time to unwind and calm down your nerves before going to bed. Call it contemplation or meditation, everyone should do before going to bed to relax and create a positive sleep pattern.

To conclude, changing sleep time and becoming an early riser is not difficult at all but it needs consistency and sincere goals. Don’t pressurize the body rather make a routine to wake up and sleep at a set time.