onsaemeein yogurt peeling review

Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Review

Ever since my favorite Nature Republic Phyto Origin Mild Peeling Gel was discontinued, I have been looking for a good replacement. But so far, I didn’t have any success, until I found this product from my go-to Korean beauty shop. Did it live up to my expectations? Keep reading my Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling review to know more.

onsaemeein yogurt peeling review


Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling is a mild skin peeling product that removes dead skin cells and sebum. It contains yogurt which contains Vitamin B and Protein that softens rough skin. And a gel that absorbs sebum. This peeling product mild works to improve your skin tone and texture immediately yet mildly.


APPLICATION: Apply peeling gel to your dry face, and massage it all over your face for 1 minute. After enough rolling, wash it off with lukewarm water.

SCENT: It smells exactly like yogurt.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a plastic tub that resembles a yogurt you can buy from the supermarket. It is also has a box which has the same cute design and typography, And it comes with a scoop as well.

onsaemeein yogurt peeling review

FORMULA: It says it’s a peeling gel, but it the texture is more like a jellified yogurt if that makes any sense. You can read about its ingredients in CosDNA analysis.

RESULT: This product emulsifies on your skin and then the peeling starts. You’ll feel small lumps coming out of your skin, keep massaging it for one minute and then wash it off. When that happens to my skin when I was using the Nature Republic Phyto Origin Mild Peeling Gel, my skin feels soft and smooth afterward. Like a new skin has come out, but with Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling, my skin felt the same like nothing happened. I keep using this for a month, once a week, but I just don’t see any difference. Maybe something happens, but it’s so mild, I just don’t see it.

onsaemeein yogurt peeling review

I eventually stopped using this around the second month, because it feels like it doesn’t make sense to continue using it if I’m not satisfied with the results I see. I switched to The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution which showed great results on my skin.


PROS: It’s mild and really peels the dead skin cells and absorbs the sebum on your skin.

CONS: It’s too mild, it feels like nothing really happens.

onsaemeein yogurt peeling review


You can purchase Onsaemeein Peeling Yogurt in Althea for Php370. They offer free shipping to the Philippines on orders above Php999 and they also ship to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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