bys duo glitter gel for face, hair & body review

BYS Duo Glitter Gel for Face, Hair & Body Review

Today, we already welcomed the new year on our side of the world and I thought it’s the best time to schedule my BYS Duo Glitter Gel for Face Hair & Body review in the New Year! Because there are a lot of glitter or shiny things every on the day we celebrate a new year. This might be a scheduled post, but check out my Instagram stories, I’m surely rocked glittered hair in New Year’s celebration.

For those who aren’t familiar with BYS yet, it’s an Australian indie cosmetics brand that sells everything from makeup, tools, and even nail polish. They even offer special FX makeup and tools for those hardcore MUAs! Lastly, they’re also cruelty-free which many of you will be thrilled to know.

bys duo glitter gel for face, hair & body review


BYS Duo Glitter Gel for Face, Hair & Body will help you create an instant sparkle to your look. This kit contains two tubes of mixed chunky and fine glitter gel, allowing you to experiment with the face, hair, and body to create multi-dimensional looks with less mess.


APPLICATION: The easiest way to apply this product is to squeeze adequate amount you want into the area where you want it and spread it using your hands, however, that method is quite messy. You’ll end up with glitters all-over your body even on places you’re not planning to apply it unless that’s exactly what you want. Alternatively, you can use a small tub and brush (makeup or paintbrush both works fine). Squeeze some product into a tub and use the brush to apply it to the desired area. This way it’s less messy and precise.

SCENT: It’s unscented.

bys duo glitter gel for face, hair & body review

PACKAGING: The two glitter tubes that contain 18g of products each and they are packaged nicely in a plastic box. It all looks nice but I think it’s a mistake to packaged glitter gels in a tube because the glitters get stuck in the hole and prevent other glitters from coming out. Most of the time, only a clear gel dispenses out.

FORMULA: As expected from a gel, it’s kinda sticky. Especially on the hair, hair tends to stick together when you applied this so if you want to use this in your hair, you can also use this for styling it.

bys duo glitter gel for face, hair & body review - packaging problem

RESULTS: It all looks nice and cute like you can achieve those glitter looks you’ve been saving on Pinterest! And it’s true, you can achieve those looks using BYS Duo Glitter Gel for Face, Hair & Body, but it will cost you the whole tube. I feel like each 18g tube mostly contains gel. If this is a liquid lipstick or eyeshadow, I’ll say that this isn’t a highly pigmented product. And I feel like the packaging is also the reason for the lack of glitters. The end of the tube, where the product comes out, is too shallow, as mentioned above. Some glitters get stuck in it so it prevents some glitters from coming out thus you end up with only a clear gel.

I highly recommend using a tub and brush when you use this product so your application will be precise and you can layer the glitters for a more “pigmented” and very shiny glittered look. Plus, with a brush, you can scrape the glitters more than the gel.

bys duo glitter gel for face, hair & body review


PROS: It’s cute and the glitter really sticks to your hair, face, and body. It’s also cruelty-free and affordable compared to other glitter makeup for face, hair, and body like Lemonhead.

CONS: The tube is not the right packaging, it should have been a tub (jar). It’s not really that “pigmented” it’s mostly gel than glitter so it will cost you the whole tube to achieved the glittery look you want.


You can buy the BYS Duo Glitter Gel For Face, Hair & Body in the BYS beauty counter in SM Department Store and Watsons for Php599. You can also buy this on the official BYS website if you live outside of the Philippines.

It’s available in three pairs: Unicorn Mane (featured above), Mythical Mermaid, and Fairy Tale.

What do you think of this BYS Duo Glitter Gel For Face Hair & Body review? Have you tried any glitter gel products? Anyhow, I would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming new year! Hope it will be a good one.