Eyelash Extensions And Their Benefits

A lot of girls crave long fluttery eyelashes but unfortunately do not have them, which has led to women using eyelash extensions to create the desired look. Before you rush down to the salon to get extensions applied, you should first read up on what you can expect, and there are excellent articles on various fashion and beauty blogs that you can read. There are a lot of benefits to eyelash extensions, as well as a couple of drawbacks, so carry on reading below and see if they may be the answer to your prayers.

A Natural Look And Feel

With the modern synthetic materials that are used in the making of eyelash extensions such as polyester, it is possible to achieve a natural look that feels light to wear. Strip eyelashes are very heavy in comparison and do not feel as comfortable to wear or look as natural as extensions. To get the best effect you should find a quality salon, and you can get quality eyelash extensions in Melbourne at Lash Envy or similar salons, and finally get those fluttering eyelashes that you have always wanted.

Your Morning Routine Just Got Easier

Many women will have a routine in the morning where they wake up and have a shower or a wash, apply their makeup and get dressed before going about their daily routine. When you have eyelash extensions applied, you will no longer have to worry about taking as much time to apply your makeup, no matter how much or how little you use. You will wake up in the morning with your lovely long lashes and be ready to take on what the day has to throw at you.

Have That Glamorous Look No Matter What You Do

When you see a face batting long eyelashes at you, it automatically makes you think of glamour – catwalk models with beautiful faces and lovely long lashes; and with extensions like The Eyelash Archives, you will be able to achieve this look with relative ease every morning when you get up. However, you can choose the type of extensions that you have, so you do not need to go for the glamour model look and can instead choose a much more natural look. If you decide on a natural style and are frustrated that nobody is saying how good they look, take it as a compliment as they have probably not even noticed that they are extensions!

A Few Of The Cons

There is a downside to eyelash extensions as well, as it can take a few hours to have them applied to your lashes properly, and can take anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours. It takes so long as each extension is individually glued to the eyelid which helps to achieve that natural look. Your lashes will not last forever either, and typically you will be ready to get new ones applied after 6 to 8 weeks but this is still better than strip lashes which you have to apply almost every day.

One of the great things about eyelash extensions is that you can choose to have them, or not, it is entirely up to you! So if you are thinking of having extensions applied, find yourself a quality salon and give it a go, and if you do not like them, you can let them fall out and go for that 100% natural look instead.