cosrx make me lovely cushion review
cosrx make me lovely cushion review

Hype or Not: CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review

I was so thrilled when I learned that my favorite online shop will be selling CosRx. Finally, no more paying huge international shipping fee from South Korea and crazy customs tax fee! To those not familiar with them, they are a popular brand in Asia that sells affordable AHA and BHA products and the cult-favorite Acne Pimple Master Patch. For their launching, the shop was giving away a bunch of CosRx freebies, in full sizes! One of the freebies I receive is a cushion compact that was praised by a lot of bloggers. But, does it really lived up to the hype? Is it really worth buying? Will it really make you look lovely? Keep reading my CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review.

What is it?

CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion claims to cover blemishes and dullness with perfectly tone up effect. I also promise a clean, natural, and bright looking skin. And contains green tea for deep hydration. It has skin fitting powder that gives long-lasting makeup and anti-wrinkles. It also has SPF50+ PA+++ a strong UV protection for skin under a hot sun. And lastly, the puff has anti-bacterial so it will not break you out, unlike most cushion compacts.

cosrx make me lovely cushion review


APPLICATION: For swiping application, apply the formula with a swiping motion for an overall unifying corrective effect. And for tap-tap or tok-tok application, localize the areas with more severe discolorations around the nose, the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Apply with a tapping motion to build up higher coverage.

SCENT: It has a floral scent with a hint of green tea, not really a fan of the smell but at least it does not make me feel dizzy.

PACKAGING:  As expected from a K-beauty brand, the packaging is really cute. I like the pastel colors and the patterns of the box and the compact. And speaking of the compact, I like how light and sturdy it is but the mirror sucks! Honestly, I haven’t bought a cushion compact yet that has a decent mirror, they’re always blurry. However, I do love the tok-tok puff it has anti-bacterial which prevents the bacteria growth that is actually common on cushion compacts. As some of you may know, cushion compacts are very prone to bacteria and thus they cause breakouts if you’re not careful about using them. (UPDATE: This one doesn’t have a blurry mirror after all. It just has a plastic on it that I need to remove.)


CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion has medium coverage but it is buildable for full coverage. It has a very creamy texture but it is surprisingly lightweight, doesn’t creases, and doesn’t make you look cakey no matter how much you apply (well, just don’t do the 100-layer thing). It will really give you bright and dewy skin. The hydrating effect actually suits every skin type, even the oily. It all sounds great, however…

cosrx make me lovely cushion review - results
On the left side, I applied CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion, while on the right side, I have no makeup at all.

…for someone like me who have an oily skin and lives in a humid country, the longevity isn’t impressive. It only lasted up to 2 hours for me, unless I sweat then it’ll be only an hour. This cushion compact does not have a refill either. You have to buy the whole compact again when you ran out. And another problem I found is they only have ONE SHADE! They call it #21.5 which is a light peach color. They claim that it will suit all skin shades but I have olive skin and this shade is too pale for me. Even I am acidic and makeups tend to get dark on my skin when applied, this product is still too pale for me. The photo above looks like I have even skin because I didn’t apply it on my whole face but focus on my neck and you’ll notice the shades do not match. And applying a makeup paler than your actual skin tone is a beauty trend that already died in Asia years ago.

CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion Review - shade - results


PROS: It has SPF, lightweight, does not crease and not cakey no matter how much you apply. It will give you a bright and dewy skin and suits all skin types. Lastly, it has an anti-bacterial puff which prevents bacteria growth that causes breakouts.

CONS: It only has one shade which is #21.5, so those who fall in #23 or darker will find it difficult to match this on their skin. It doesn’t also last long especially to those with oily skin. Lastly, for its price, it doesn’t come with a refill and you cannot buy a refill as well. When you run out, you have to buy a whole new compact again.

Will I buy it again?

I’m disappointed with this product because I’ve heard many things about this product, yet it turned out mediocre when I finally used it. There’s also no shade available for my skin tone. But if you have white/pale skin that falls into #21 shade or paler, then this might really make you lovely, it’s a really nice BB cream.

Where to buy?

You can buy CosRx Make Me Lovely Cushion in Style Korean for $22.  They ship internationally and you can get free samples for every purchase.  They also offer free shipping, but the limit depends on each country.

If you live in the Philippines, you can buy this product in Althea for Php1200. They also ship in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. You can sign up here to get up to Php200 off discount on your first order.

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