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Five Crucial Questions for Aspiring YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Beauty vlogs and makeup tutorials have taken over YouTube, representing some of the platform’s most-watched and heavily followed content.

With millions of subscribers and billions of views at stake, there’s plenty of ground for beauty vloggers to cover but equally fierce competition. Those with the time, dedication and ability to nail down their niche may very well be able to break through the noise and sew the seeds of a full-time business through vlogging.

If you’re an aspiring beauty vlogger who wants to turn your passion into a long-term career, make sure you ask yourself the following five questions before you leap into the vlogging lifestyle.

Do I Want to Put a Price Tag on My Passion?

Although some may disagree, beauty vlogging does represent a creative field which requires talent, commitment and personality for those looking to succeed. However, a common problem arises among those who wish to turn their passions into profits: that is, they eventually burn out as they begin to associate their hobbies with a nine-to-five grind.

It’s important that you understand the commitment involved with turning your passion into a career. Likewise, you need to know the difference between a hobby and a business from a tax perspective when you first start making money from your vlogging efforts. Becoming a full-time vlogger isn’t all fun and games: once the money starts rolling in, you have to work even harder to keep the momentum going.

Am I Too Camera Shy?

You may think that you have everything it takes to be a successful beauty vlogger, but have you ever actually recorded yourself? Overcoming camera shyness requires practice over time, although some people are more naturally gifted when it comes to showing their personality on-camera.

Your first few vlogs might indeed be rough around the edges, but that’s not a reason to give up. Also bear in mind that once you put yourself out there for the world to see, you’re going to need a thick skin to deal with trolls and criticism.

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Can I Be Consistent?

The most-watched YouTube channels upload consistently, meaning that you’re expected to produce new videos on at least once a week. Weekly videos or daily vlogging is indeed a massive commitment, but consistency is what builds audiences these days. Likewise, the more quality content you put out in the open, the more likely it is to get noticed or wind up in YouTube’s “Featured” section.

Do I Have the Right Tools?

For makeup tutorials, in particular, vloggers need to mind their budgets and equipment to make sure they can produce the aforementioned quality content that viewers expect. Make sure to backup your videos so you’ll always have a copy whatever happens. Did you know that you can convert yt to mp3 as well?

From lighting and audio equipment to new makeup kits, there is a monetary component of being a vlogger that’s easy to overlook. Although you can invest back into your beauty business over time, you need to learn the basics of lighting and video editing at the start.

Can I Commit to Social Media?

Beauty vloggers often have a strong social presence beyond YouTube. For example, platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are considered must-haves for those looking to break into the world of vlogging. Although it’s certainly a lot to juggle at once, an active social strategy allows you to cast a wider net to grow your audience.

Beauty vlogging can be quite daunting for newbies. By asking these questions, you can understand whether or not you can realistically turn your passion into a business and know what to expect along the way.