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The Five Types of Content Beauty Vloggers Should Create

If you’ve thought about getting into the world of being a social media superstar via beauty vlogging but have no idea where to start, don’t panic. It’s possible to break through the noise if you’re willing to commit to the lifestyle of vlogging just about every detail of your day-to-day life.

beauty vloggers content

Considering that consistency is key to building an audience, all you need is the right content to put your channel’s growth into motion.

There are five specific types of content that are at the core of any successful beauty channel on YouTube. Whether you’re in search of your first hundred or first thousand subscribers, the following content ideas are integral to upping your viewer count and uncovering new followers.

Instagram and Snapchat Stories

Both Instagram and Snapchat are exploding in popularity right now. Each with their slew of fun filters which take advantage of augmented reality, these apps essentially represent the go-to social platforms for beauty vloggers beyond YouTube.

From relevant beauty hashtags on Instagram to “behind the scenes” stories on Snapchat, these platforms can give your fans an additional place to follow your story in outside of your main channel.

Makeup Tutorials

How-to content represents the bread and butter of beauty bloggers. Consider the following fun tutorials you can use to educate your audience such as…

  • How to apply budget makeup to make it appear high-class and elegant
  • Celebrity lookalike makeup tutorials and inspiration
  • “Makeup haul” videos where you show off your latest purchases

Creative tips not only provide value to your audience but also increase the likelihood of your videos getting shared around. Make a point to alternate between longer, in-depth videos and bite-sized, short-form videos to give your channel a sense of variety. Over time, you can figure out what your audience prefers.

Storytime” Vlogs

Every YouTuber must make a personal connection with their followers that goes beyond traditional how-to content, though. Through humorous personal anecdotes or stories of struggle, strive to inspire your viewers with videos that tell your unique story. Some storytime vlog ideas include…

  • The first time you ever purchased or tried on makeup
  • An embarrassing beauty-related story such as a nightmare haircut or beauty treatment
  • The “light bulb moment” that inspired you to become a beauty vlogger

Q&A Vlogs

Videos that allow you to answer the questions of your audience represent low-hanging fruit as your viewers essentially write content ideas on your behalf. Not only does answering questions present yourself as a resource, but allow allows you to delve further into your personal life. In turn, you can hone your storytelling skills and provide a sense of entertainment to your audience.

Product Reviews

Not unlike makeup tutorials, product reviews are a great way to introduce topical content to your base and give your videos some serious SEO juice. For example, integrating keywords such as “New Sephora Eyeliner Pencil Review” into your titles increases the likelihood that you’ll be found via YouTube and Google. Don’t neglect keywords in your videos and always try to find opportunities to leverage brand-specific titles if you can.

While there’s plenty of competition in the vlogosphere, consistently producing fresh content will put you way ahead of the curve. With these ideas in mind, you have no shortage of topics to cover on your way toward YouTube superstardom.