colourpop ultra matte lips review

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips Review

I love Colourpop because they’re highly pigmented, yet the price is very affordable. I’ve bought a lot of lipsticks that cost the same, or even more from established (like household name) brands but only Colourpop gave me more than what I expected. That is why, I decided to write a Coloupop Ultra Matte Lips review, not only because it’s my favorite product but also because people who haven’t used it yet are curios about it due to another brand being compared to it.

But this post is a Colourpop Ultra Matte review so I will only focus on this product, I will not mention other brands because I will write a separate post comparing this to another popular brand linked to it.

colourpop ultra matte lips review

What is It?

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips is a liquid lipstick, and just like most liquid matte lipsticks in the market right now, it last longer than your average lipsticks and highly pigmented.


APPLICATION: This is one of the most pigmented lipstick I tried. It dries fast, actually faster than most liquid lipsticks I tried so if you applied this make sure you do it precisely and fast. As mentioned on my previous post, 9 Things No One Tells You About Wearing Liquid Lipstick, you can’t double-coat on this product unless you do it while it’s still wet because when you coat again when it’s already dried you’ll end up with crumbly lips.

PACKAGING: There’s nothing really special or artistic about their packaging. The tubes are just simple average lip gloss/liquid lipstick tubes. While the boxes are just rectangular white box with a little metallic fonts.

colourpop ultra matte lips review packaging

SMELL: Colourpop Ultra Matte doesn’t have a special scent, no chocolate, no vanilla, but it’s not odorless. When you open the tube, you’ll smell something like a cream or mild chemical. It’s not bothersome because when you applied it on your lips, it’ll become scentless so you’re not going to be annoyed by it.

RESULTS: Despite an average packaging and having no special scent, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips is still one of the best lipsticks I used. It’s highly pigmented (which I already mentioned) and last longer, it’s almost smudge-proof.

colourpop ultra matte lips review smudge test

PROS: Highly pigmented, very affordable, last longer than your average lipsticks, and they have a vast array of shades that compliments all skin tones.

CONS: It last longer than average lipsticks but it’s not that smudge-proof. When you rub it, it kinda crumbles. Also don’t eat oily food, ice cream, and be careful as well when drinking because it stains when they get contact on those. Plus, it doesn’t have a pleasant smell when you opened the tube.

But for the price and their wide range of shades, I don’t care about the cons.

Where to Buy?

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips cost only $6! And you can buy them directly from and yes, they ship internationally. If you’re going to buy them from resellers, make sure you trust them because there’s a bunch of fake Colourpop as well.


Does Colourpop Ultra Matte have the same formula as Kylie Lip Kits?

They are the same in most ingredients. Please read my Kylie Lip Kit review to know more.

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