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5 Real Life Lessons I Learned From the “Mean Girls”

Celebration of Mean Girls’ 10th anniversary is so over, but I think these lessons are never too late to share since every October 3rd we always search our meme archive to celebrate “Mean Girls Day” an unofficial Holiday celebrated by the cult following of this classic teen movie. I’m sure you’ve already read a ton of blog posts like this one but trust me this will be different. These are real life lessons from the Mean Girls that can be applicable to our daily lives. If you still haven’t watched that movie (and why?? Unless your Kimmy Schmidt then I understand), I recommend you to watch it first because this is full of SPOILERS!

1. Making fun of someone will never make you feel better about yourself.

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This was the ultimate lesson that Cady Heron learned. She realized that she destroyed Regina George’s life –she made her fat, broke her up with her boyfriend, took her army of skanks– but in the end it only made her feel more terrible about herself. It didn’t made her happy nor got what she wanted.

2. You don’t need to be dumb to make a boy talk to you.

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That is just the dumbest thing you will ever do. Even Aaron Samuels –Cady’s crush– thought it was stupid. I know talking to a guy you really like is hard. You don’t know how you will start a conversation with him that will make him interested. Cady learned this the hard way when she confess to Aaron that she purposely flunked her exams so he will talk to her. And I think we all know what happened next.

3. It’s never okay to talk about a person behind their back.

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Even though a LOT of people do it especially girls, it’s never okay to talk about a person behind their back. It only means trouble for you. If you have a problem with them, try talk to them. If they’re really your friend you’ll be okay eventually. But if you really can’t stand them then, why you still hang out with them? You’re just torturing yourself. And what you say behind their backs might spread like a gossip which brings me to…

4. Never start a rumor.

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If you’re angry at someone it’s never okay to spread a rumor about them even though it’s true or not. If it is something true and really bad, report it to the people who can help them like your principal, counselors, or their family. And if you’re just angry, try to channel it on something else instead. Look what happened to Cady, she was blamed for the whole Burn Book but she only wrote one false rumor on it.

5. Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.

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Kevin Gnapoor blessed us with this timeless advice in Mean Girls: “Don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.” When your feeling down and feels like the world is against you, just watch Mean Girls and remember what Kevin told Cady.

BONUS: Sweatpants are never fashionable.

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Sweatpants are the unofficial famewhore uniform of the 2000s. Paris Hilton made it a “thing” to wear almost everywhere which Kim Kardashian followed on her earlier years as a reality star. Good thing sweatpants are not a thing now because it should never be worn outside of your house or gym but a park is an exception if you are out jogging or walking your dog. They’re just not right for anything else besides those.

What are your favorite lessons from the Mean Girls movie? Share it below.