Get Rosy Tinted Lips with this Korean Product

Entering Etude House is always bittersweet because of 1) you’re always greeted with a life-size cardboard stand of your favorite Korean actor, 2) it’s like your entering candy land with their very cute pink interior and amazing products in cute packagings, and lastly 3) it’s because you will surely end up spending more than you budget.

Last week, I stopped by to the mall after a weekly appointment with my doctor to ONLY buy a new lipstick for everyday use. If you’re following me on Instagram you already knew that I went home with more than a lipstick on my shopping bag. But I will only talk about the lipstick in this post.

etude house rosy tinted lips review

What is it?

This is Etude House Rosy Tinted Lips in Secret Garden shade. It’s a lip tint that promises to give you a velvety finish and lasts the whole day. It can also multi-task and be used for your cheeks! Besides those, it also promoted as a lip tint that envelops your lips with a burst of velvety-matte color.

You can also get creative, either fill up your entire lips with color or give them a chic gradient look. The lip tint comes in a tube and fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag or purse that’s handy to carry around.


APPLICATION: Its sponge tip applicator ensures you only dispense the amount of color you need and makes the lip tint super easy to apply.



PACKAGING: As shown in the top photo, it is packaged in a tube with the shade featured in the packaging. So you’ll easily find the shade you want. I also like the box with rose prints. I actually refuse to dispose of it, instead, I used it as a decoration on my vanity table!

SMELL: Despite being called “rosy” it doesn’t actually have a smell.

RESULTS: I’m quite disappointed with this product. Despite promising that it will last the whole day, after a few hours, the full coverage just fades away. And there are already many liquid lipsticks in the market that actually lasts all day. Although, this make your lips feels smoother, unlike those other liquid lipsticks.

But I like the packaging with a sponge tip, it’s perfect for everyday use especially if your lazy or multi-tasking in the morning. Because the packaging design made it easy to apply. You will not need two hands unlike Kylie or ColourPop lipsticks.


PROS: It makes your lips smooth, and application is easy.

CONS: It doesn’t last all day and shades are limited to pink and reds only.

Where to Buy?

I bought my Etude House Rosy Tinted Lips in the local Etude House shop in a nearby SM Mall. But you could also get yours in Althea Korea for Php350. They deliver in almost all Asian countries and some countries in the west like the United States.

You could also buy this in YesStyle for $9 and they ship worldwide!

What do you think of my Etude House Rosy Tinted Lips Review? Have you tried it? Share it below!