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Product Review

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk Review

Looking for a sunscreen that suits oily skin? Matte, lightweight, and doesn't leave a white cast? Then read this Biore UV Perfect Face Milk review, this might be the product you need!

Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte Review

REAL TALK: BB creams created by western brands mostly sucks. While those made by Korean brands are too pale and dewy. But how about this one? Read this Maybelline Super BB Cream Fresh Matte review to know more!

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Review (Pony Shade)

Does it dry your hair out, or it's kinda conditioning? Do you really have to bleach your hair to use this? Does it work on brown hair? Does it stain? Does it last long? Then read this Lime Crime Unicorn Hair review to know the answers!