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Since a lot of people are sending me email asking a lot of questions, I am answering all the common questions that I received below.

1. Do you accept guest posts?

I only accept advertorials and sponsored posts. Just send me an email to alyssa[at]stylevanity[dot]com. Please include at least two pitches in your email. It will be easier to be processed if you already have a pitch because I receive a lot of proposals everyday. If I like it and it fit Style Vanity’s voice then you will receive an email reply with price quote and payment details. For the list of advertising opportunities in SV, please go to this page. If you haven’t heard from me for more than 2 weeks it means I’m not interested on your pitches, but you are welcome to send a new one.

I DO NOT ACCEPT GUEST POST ANYMORE. And by guest post, I mean those articles made to fit SV’s voice and image but with words that links to an e-commerce site or products that has nothing to do with the word where it is link or at the entire article. Google recently highlighted some websites and blogs as “unnatural” that has too many guest posts on other sites to manipulatively increase their PR ranking, and blogs that accepted them also received the same warning. I don’t do free guest posts too for brands who wants to appear on Style Vanity, unless if I really tried your product(s) and I genuinely like it.

2. We would like to work with you, how?

I accept different kind of work and collaborations. I listed it all here. Or if you already have proposal please send me an email to alyssa[at]stylevanity[dot]com For my complete stats like pageviews and unique visitors, etc; for short, my Media Kit, please send an email so I can give you a copy.

3. What kind of advertising are available in Style Vanity?

Again, Please see the list here.

4. How do you speak English so well?

The Philippines, were I was born and currently base, is a bilingual country. We both speak Filipino and English. We are even described as “Asia without language barrier”. So I learned it from school, people around me and by also reading a lot of novels.

5. How do you earn money from blogging?

Since this is the most asked question, I already made a blog post about it. Read it here. Take note that if you’re just starting a blog, you will not earn that much money on blogging but it’s a great source of extra income.

6. Did you designed your blog’s theme or paid someone to make it?

I actually bought my blog theme and heavily edited it myself. Although I have graphic designer friends who can help you with design of your blog. Just contact me if you need one.

7. Where do you get your photos?

For my portfolio and personal style photos I have a go-to photographer and very awesome friend Kristian Villaflor or any other photographer friends I know, but mostly him. But unless it is not stated, it’s mine. And the rest are from, Pinterest, Flickr and If you found any of your work here without any credit please make contact with the link featuring your work.

If your question/s are not in here, you can contact me here.