Mailing out invitations can seem like a simple task, but it is not. Below are five tips that will help you when mailing your wedding invites!

wedding invitation

1. Learn the rules before you design the invitations!

A standard first-class stamp comes with restrictions:

The maximum weight should be 13 ounces. If the invitation is heavier than this, you will be forced to buy a more expensive stamp or an additional stamp.

The shape of a standard letter is a rectangle. Confirm whether the envelope you plan on using has a shape that will fit the standard requirement (If you decide to go with a square invitation, you will pay for at least $0.70)

If the size you are interested in is too large, then you should consider two stamps or upgrade the stamp. Going with the “wedding cake” stamp will cost $.70 instead of the $.49 because you will be able to ship heavier and use not-traditionally shaped invitation.

2. Learn from the pros

You should try to make more than one trip to the local post office. When going for the first time, you should try learning about the standard sizes, weight, and shapes (you can also talk to us and we will handle it on your behalf! Hitch will use the plastic mail slot to see whether your invite is thick)

Below are some tips to use when visiting the post office:

Don’t visit the post office in the morning or lunch; choose a time when it is slow. This will mean the invitations will get processed on the slower part of the day and you will have the chance to ask a lot of questions.

The largest size of envelope you can use for your invitation is 6” x 9” (A10) in order to mail one stamp. Hitch will help you order custom envelopes for the given size.

3. Do not buy stamps until the end!

Once you are done assembling the invite, weigh one before you can buy the stamps to ensure you buy the correct number of stamps for your invitations. Check USA Stamp Guide to see where you can get some close to you. If you don’t have enough time to assemble and address the invitations, you can also get a company to help.

4. Keep it simple (on the outside)

Here is an article from The Offbeat Bride that has some great suggestions that will help you with the invitations using a computer read sorting machine.

  • Choose a light-covered outer envelope
  • Use dark blue or black to write the return address and the address of the guest.
  • You should keep calligraphy simple in the zip code and state sections to guarantee eligibility
  • Avoid using too many designs on the envelope
  • Avoid colored ink or sparkly ink

These factors are important because it will help in keeping the invitations legible as possible for the electronic mail sorting machine, which ensures there is a quick and accurate delivery.

Don’t go crazy on the outside, the place where you have the freedom to use creative colors is the invitation and inside of the envelope.

5. Stamping the RSVPs

It is courteous to your guest when you have the stamp placed on the RSVP. They shouldn’t have to spend on a stamp in order to RSVP to your event. If you don’t want to do it, consider providing the guests with alternatives ways they can RSVP to the wedding e.g. a phone number, email address, or a

wedding website.

One way you can make savings is to design a postcard-sized RSVP. The return stamp will be $0.34 instead of $0.49.

Here is a “postcard” stamp at The largest size for a postcard is 4.25” x 6”, anything larger is not considered a postcard. Use a thicker paper to mail the postcard. We can help you with this!