In your sporting commitments, a beautiful, clear and supple skin should be your goal, since having an appealing physical appearance, improves mental outlook, and enhances self-esteem. There is nothing like a beautiful, healthy skin matched with a can-do, exciting personality, that would get you raving and excited, to meet up your goals.

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So, as the sun comes out, and with it, an opportunity to take up some outdoor air, or you might be looking to expand the number of participants you can attract to your exercise regime, an engaging outdoor sport would definitely be a desirable pick.

Football, running, tennis, baseball, there are several options to pick from, to get that all-delightful outdoor experience.

In anticipation of the upcoming spring training schedules between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels, we look at some tips that could help you keep your skin looking healthy and bubbly, while you’re having a great time outdoors.

Using moisturizers

As much as the sun is a healthy source of vitamins i.e. vitamin D, depending on the time you go outdoors, rays from sunlight can be unforgiving. Here, SPF moisturizers should do the trick. A great option would be to rub the moisturizers passively, to act as a protective screen from the sun’s rays.

However, remember that with the accumulation of sweat, dirt, and moisturizer, an immediate clean-up after exercise should be in focus.

Protecting the face

Of all the parts of the body, the face is the most fragile, and thus is susceptible to changes in hygiene, diet or climate. As the saying goes, “the face is the billboard of an individual’s story.”

Protecting the face should be made a priority. So taking the tip from above, you should apply adequate moisturizer and sunscreen to your face. In addition, in order to limit the duration of exposure, you can wear a cap or hat to shield you more appropriately from the sun’s rays.

Still, in the throes of a fascinating baseball season, baseball hats and other accessories could come in handy, when making choices on hats to protect your face. Selections like the brooklyn dodgers hats or caps are available at online stores at attractive rates.

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Make a commitment to drinking water

If you recall, the human body consists of about 85% water. So it goes to say that if you aren’t replenishing it, it’s most likely that you are dehydrating it. You should make it a commitment to keeping yourself hydrated. Pick a bottle of water to add to your exercise kit. If you would like a bit of flavor or variety in taste, you could pour a little energy drink into the water, putting in mind the additional calories you might get from the energy drink.

Sports drinks are alternative options. These are usually recommended to refill the electrolytes lost by the body during workouts. However, in the absence of all that, water is perfectly okay, Nature’s naturally refined drink, water should do the work in keeping you hydrated and flushing unnecessary fluids out of the body system.

Take a bath or shower quickly

It is a no-brainer you should take a shower or a bath after your exercise routine. Ideally, you should wait till the sweat on your body is completely dry, as some intense workouts could cause the body to draw out sweat, even after you’ve just had a refreshing shower. Some important points to note:

  • Since the body is in the recovery process of being exerted, it is quite vulnerable, and thus the best set of cleaning soaps to use should be those which go soft on the skin. Medicants and soaps with an additional layer of medical protection should be avoided.

Depending on the weather, if it is quite hot, it wouldn’t be healthy to be abruptly exposed to cold water. You could catch a cold in the process.

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Select appropriate clothes for your sporting activities

It goes to say that putting on sports outfits remain one opportunity for us to look smart and show off the results of all the time we’ve put in the gym and on the field. However, our clothes are constantly in contact with our skin when we exercise, and this may lead to friction and some irritation.

The best set of clothes to wear, then, are those, though smart-looking, but are loose-fitting, giving us air to breathe, exercise, and stretch the different parts of our body when we want to.

Online store and official partner to the several sports leagues, do have a wide range of sports apparel that should be convenient to keep you comfortable with your daily workouts.

Get out new clothes to wear on the completion of your routine

Leaving on clothes or jerseys from your exercise create discomfort and irritation at the most. And could result in the breakout of acne.

So, after the games are over, even before you make plans toward showering, always ensure to get out of wet and sweaty clothes, so that the germs, bacteria, and sweat do not dry up on your skin.

Also, after your shower, it would be nice if you select a new set of clothes, different from the ones worn after the exercise, to put on.

Use moisturizers regularly

This is so important that we are bringing this up again. Moisturizing cream represents the first line of defense against the sun’s UV rays. It is really important to ensure that you are adequately protected when you go out in the field. And while exercising, if you feel some uncomfortable tingling feeling or burn on your skin, you should stop your routine immediately, and seek protection.

Do ensure to observe this tips as you go into the sun, and wishing lots of outdoor fun in the coming spring!