Sheshiedo may be the most popular Japanese beauty brand in the world. But many skincare enthusiasts, especially in Reddit’s Asian Beauty and Skincare Addiction forums love Hada Labo which is claimed to be the number one skincare brand in Japan. And it seems like many Filipinas love it as well or starting to get curious about this brand. But where to buy Hada Labo in Philippines? Keep scrolling to see the list.

What is Hada Labo?

If you haven’t heard of Hada Labo, I don’t blame you, it seems like they don’t sell or even market outside of Japan except for Malaysia and Singapore. So they’re not really that popular outside of their country. But it is said that they are the number one skincare brand in Japan and almost all Japanese local drugstores and beauty shops carry them, and outside of Japan, they’re very popular to those who are hardcore skincare junkies. But recently, they became known internationally even to those non-skincare fans, thanks to 9gag for sharing their commercial that has gone viral.

The commercial is a lovely short story about a girl who got rejected by a boy she likes who happens to be her friend too. Typical Asian friendzone-love story right? But no! Instead of a typical plot where the girls always transform using makeup and going on a diet to get slim, the Hada Labo love story commercial did not do any of that! Instead, the girl was just seen using Hada Labo skincare products and becomes more confident. I won’t spoil you the ending, just watch it below. The commercial is five minutes long, but I swear, you must watch it fully! It’s like your finally watching a legit beauty and body-positive Asian drama.

Where to Buy Hada Labo in the Philippines?

The Skincare Curator – I just discovered this local online beauty shop last November 2017 and since then I already purchased three times from them. The products are authentic and they deliver fast! Besides Hada Labo products, they also carry brands such as Leegeeham, CosRx (they have better stocks than BeautyMNL and Watsons), Neogen, Klairs and more. For payments, they accept BDO, BPI, Palawan, and PayPal.

Tokyo Beauty Ph – I haven’t personally shop in here but they were recommended by Preen, Inquirer Newspaper’s section about beauty and fashion trends. They have good stocks of hard to find Japanese products from Sheshiedo to Hada Labo. In fact, they even have those Hada Labo that are even harder to find in the Philippines like the Gokujyun Alpha and Arbutin lines. For payments, they accept BDO, BPI, and LBC.

Dara Beauty Market – I haven’t tried buying from this shop yet, but I became aware of this Cebu-based shop from my post about online beauty shops in the Philippines. And based on their Facebook page, it seems like they already have a lot of customers. Besides Hada Labo, they also sell K-beauty brands such as Son & Park, Skinfood and more.

The Skin Fairy MNL – This one is an Instagram shop, but it also has a Facebook Page. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but they do have good stocks of Asian beauty skincare brand from Hada Labo, Heimish, Klairs, Peripera, CosRx and more. I discovered their shop when I was looking for Hada Labo products and this was recommended by skincare enthusiast feedthyface. For payments, they accept BPI, BDO, LBC, Palawan, and PayPal.

Chok Chok Shop – This is shop is in Shopee and they sell decanted products, two things I don’t often recommend here on my blog but if you’re really desperate for some Hada Labo products, this shop has them. They were highly recommended by the ladies in Reddit’s BeautyTalkPH, and the good thing about buying a decanted product is they are cheaper. If the product doesn’t suit your skin at least you didn’t spend too much on it.

So far these are the only two shops I know where to buy Hada Labo in Philippines and have regular stocks. But I will keep updating this when I find new shops.