I don’t know when and where the hype for the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay started but it’s not really a new product, in fact, it’s been around for quite a while and being ignored in the shelves of Healthy Options stores. But since it has been all over the internet there are long lines now outside the stores like iPhone 5 was released back in 2007. And obviously, it sold out so fast like Kylie’s Lip Kits in 2016 without an exact date when it will be available again. So if your one of the many people who are desperate to try this, thank goodness you stumbled into my site because below are the list of places where to buy Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in the Philippines!

But before buying this product, make sure you know what to expect and how it will react with your skin. Read this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay review to learn more.

where to buy aztec secret indian healing clay in the philippines

List of Where to Buy the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in the Philippines:

1. Healthy Options – The store that originally sold this product to the Philippines. Unfortunately, they can no longer keep up with the demand so there’s a waitlist now. The only good thing about buying in this store despite the long wait is that you’re very sure that the product you bought is legit! since the hype, I’ve heard there are now fake Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay masks around. So be careful!

2. iHerb – This is an online shop known to sell supplements and beauty products, like an online counterpart of Healthy Options. They ship to the Philippines and this is where you could purchase the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for the cheapest price. They only sell it for Php408.88 for 1 lb while Php642.89 for 2 lbs.

3. Calyxta – This shop has been mentioned in my shopping guide posts many times. It’s because they really sell a lot of product that is hard to find in the Philippines. So obviously, this clay mask can be found in there as well. Although, just like Healthy Options, there’s a waiting list as well.

4. Shop Pibu – This shop is known to sell Korean beauty products, but recently, they just announced that they are now selling the highly coveted Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for only Php595 which is cheaper than most shops here in the Philippines.

5. Shopee – I don’t usually recommend Shopee because counterfeit products are so rampant in there, but in desperate times calls for desperate measures. If you decided to buy in here, I highly suggest to look at the price if it is worth it, check the seller’s ratings, and read the comments about their service.

6. Amazon – This is the best place to buy this product because the Amazon’s preferred seller seems to have a lot of stocks, it is seldom to see them post it’s out of stock. And yes, this is where I got my 1 lb jar of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. The only problem here is the shipping fee to the Philippines is expensive. My tip: It’s better to buy in Amazon if you’re also buying other stuff from them or in other US-based online stores because it will be cheaper if you use a forwarder like LBC’s Shippingcart to ship everything to the Philippines.


I created a FULL LIST of Alternatives to Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay that you can easily purchase in the Philippines. Because honestly, the Aztec Secret Indian Clay Mask only contains 100% Bentonite Clay so there are many alternatives which I think you can get the exact same results from other brands.

So far these are the only places I know where to buy Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in the Philippines that are legit. I’ll update this post when I discover new places and online shops.