Sustainable lifestyles are becoming more and more widespread in the mainstream. Where 30 years ago you might’ve been shunned from your neighborhood for separating your recyclables and garbage, and bringing reusable coffee cups to cafes, now it’s frowned upon to not partake in these simple efforts.

For many people, the hustle and bustle of modern life leave little room for eco-friendly participation, but with advancements in technology and cheaper ways to repurpose and reuse things, maintaining a low carbon footprint is easier than ever these days. To help you along this path to a better, less wasteful self, we have put together a short guide on how to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly in 2018.

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Stop Disposing


It sounds like an outlandish concept, but to stop disposing of is a little less general and a lot more specific than all that. When it comes to lunches at work, if your options are to bring something from home or buy something in a disposable package, bring something from home. If you want to upgrade your TV but only because it’s been a few years since you got a new one, hang onto the old one for a few more years at least.

These little acts of resisting disposal of the old to purchase the new are what can help reduce landfill and bring about a more sustainability-based mindset in your community.

Buy Sustainable

 When it comes to natural products, buying sustainable is a great way to support the environment and companies that are doing some good for the planet. Instead of buying underwear that is mass produced in sweatshops overseas, try buying a bamboo bra made from sustainable materials in reliable and fair trade workplaces. Instead of buying furniture from mass producers like IKEA, try finding a local furniture maker, or even try making it yourself.

Recycle More

If you already recycle a little, like most people, you’re already doing a great service for the environment and helping to create a cleaner world, but there’s always more than can be done. Try buying used goods instead of new ones where possible, as this will help to keep items like tools, phones, and other electronics in circulation instead of allowing them to be disposed of, fully working.

Consider Electric

 If you’re thinking about buying a new car, consider a hybrid or electric model before making the petrol purchase you’ve been thinking about for a while. When test driving, take an eco-model for a spin to see how it holds up, because many modern vehicles are just as capable as their combustion-powered counterparts, just with fewer emissions and a cheaper running cost.


The food scraps you’ve been throwing in the trash this whole time could be effectively and efficiently used to enrich the lives of the plants in your garden, all the while reducing the amount of trash your household produces. Creating a compost bin in your backyard is straightforward, and having a separate bin for food scraps means only having to dump your food scraps once or twice a week at the most. As an added bonus, this makes your bin bags last longer, as they aren’t being bulk-filled with all that use food waste.

Talk More

Finally, and most importantly, talk more about the importance of sustainability. We only made it to this stage of acceptance for these positive behaviors because a group of pioneering and strong-willed people encouraged and campaigned and fought for this to be the norm in society, so don’t let their fight be for anything.

Talk to people about how easy it is to live sustainably, and encourage them to do the same if possible. One voice can go a long way when utilized properly.

With these tips, you’re well on your way to a much better, more sustainable year.