I don’t really blog about sheet mask that often even though Asian brands created almost all sheet mask possible that you could use on your head to toe. Why? Because most of them end up disappointing me. Plus, most sheet masks have cream or essence counterparts like the Leejiham Tea Tree 90 Essence or Its Skin VB Effector, so I choose to buy the bottle. But sometimes, I need an instant boost in my skin in minutes because I have somewhere to go ASAP and a facial treatment is not possible while a bottle of essence will take a few more days to get the result I need. On moments like those, a good sheet mask is highly appreciated. But does this one gave me the instant boost I needed, or it’s another sheet mask that disappointed me? Keep reading this Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask review to know.

skinature goat milk brightening second skin mask review


Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask contains an abundant nutrient of goat milk which is most similar to a mother’s milk. They claimed that it is effective for skin moisturizing and creation of skin protective skin layer to help your skin from the harmful environment. It also recovers moisture balance which was broken by skin dehydration and excessive sebum secretion and soothes tired skin. While the lactic component in goat milk help removes the old dead skin cell to make skin smooth and moist with no irritation.


Goat Milk Extract (5,000ppm) – As much as 5,000ppm of goat milk extract is included, and it’s plentiful nutrients and selenium, an essential healthy component that keeps the skin from the harmful environment.

Allantoin – a natural substance extracted from the oak tree, comfrey root, beet sprout, and wheat. It increases water between live cells and dead cells to remove dead skin cells and moisturize skin.

Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) – Provides excellent moisturizing effect to the skin and prevents skin dehydration by long-term moisturizing effect through enhanced moisture retention capacity.

Niacinamide – The complex of Vitamin B helps moisture loss prevention and improve the appearance of pores. It’s superb whitening function also reduces pigmentation.


APPLICATION: Sheet mask is used in the last step of skincare routines. Make sure to stick the sheet mask evenly on your face and no crumple as much as possible.

SCENT: It has a mild floral-powdery scent.

skinature goat milk brightening second skin mask review

PACKAGING:  Just like other sheet masks, Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask is also packaged in an aluminum pack and soak in essence that is more than enough for a face.

RESULT: I received this sheet mask as a freebie during Althea Korea’s birthday last year, but only last January 13 when I decided to use this because my skin looks so dull due to lack of sleep, dehydrated, flaky around my cheeks because of the cold weather, and I will attend my cousin’s 18th birthday/debut so a lot of my relatives will be there.

Since the instruction are all written in Korean and I can’t find a translation online, I decided to use this for 15 minutes which is the average time people use their sheet masks. And the for the excess essence in the pack, I massaged them on my feet.

After that, I was surprised! My skin actually looked brighter, and vibrant. It also feels so moisturized, hydrated, and no sign of the dryness around my cheeks. I was even able to use my Fenty Foundation (which is known to show the appearance of the dry patches on your face) without any problem. Even my feet where I used the excess essence feels so soft, smooth, and brighter.

skinature goat milk brightening second skin mask review - sheet mask
I swear I’m smiling… Inside.


PROS: It will really give you the instant boost you need! In 15 minutes my skin was moisturized, hydrated, and my skin looked brighter and smoother.

CONS: Vegans may not like this sheet mask due to goat’s milk. Skinature is not a vegan-friendly brand.

Will I buy it again? This is definitely one of the few sheets masks that impressed me because I did see results in one use, unlike most sheet mask where you need to buy in bulk. I’m definitely repurchasing this.


You can purchase Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask for $3 per sheet and $25 for a box set which contains 10 sheet masks in Althea. And in Althea Philippines, it cost Php130 per sheet and Php1060 for a box set. Althea also ships to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

What do you think of the Skinature Goat Milk Brightening Second Skin Mask review? Do you have a favorite sheet mask? Share it below!