Everyone knows the cliché “A diamond is a girl’s best friend” and hence think that gifting a diamond would be the ideal gift for your beloved. But that is not the only reason. There is a history of gifting diamond rings.


In centuries gone by people used to exchange rings to commemorate weddings and this was done in many civilizations such as the Greek and the Romans. The richer the person the better metal was used. Over time the rich started adding gems and stones to the ring. The very rich encrusted diamonds on to the ring and the diamond ring was born. However, it was still out of reach for the ordinary people and they would dream of wearing diamonds or giving them to their loved ones. It was a mark of superiority and also a sign of respect to be seen wearing a diamond. In fact, it is a known fact that people from all civilizations love to wear objects that glitter and shine and hence the fascination for gold and diamonds.

diamond ring rose wedding

In the 1800’s the diamond mines of South Africa was discovered. The abundance of diamonds led to the people there buying diamonds in droves for their loved ones. Then the Depression happened and everything came to a standstill. De Beers the diamond merchants along with their advertising agency then came up with the idea of a diamond ring for your beloved. The tagline ‘Diamonds are forever’ caught the imagination of all and till date, the diamond ring rules the roost when it comes to engagements and weddings. The company made a killing with this advertisement.

The idea of a diamond ring was imprinted on the minds of people. Along with that people were made to believe that they need to spend at least a month’s salary to get a good diamond and that it was a small price to pay for their loved ones. Over time one month’s salary became two month’s salary and now people believe that you need to at least spend three month’s salary for a perfect stone and ring.

Every woman expects a diamond ring when the question is popped. It has become a part of the engagement or wedding occasion. Hence it is important to gift a diamond ring to your beloved. Remember just like the De Beers tagline, diamonds are indeed forever. The diamond signifies a match that is forever, a match that is durable, a match that will withstand all the troubles and come out sparkling. In effect, there cannot be a better precious stone than a diamond to convey togetherness and love.

When you gift a diamond ring ensure that it is in a proper setting, ensure that the metal is gold or platinum depending on your or your partner’s preferences. It is also important to ensure that the diamond is certified, to ensure that the jeweler is a reputed one etc. These small steps will ensure your peace of mind.