LeanFire Diet Aminos is a revolutionary weight loss and muscle building fitness product by Force Factor. The product’s effectiveness results from its natural ingredients that are geared to boost each step of your workout. Unlike other fitness products in the industry, whose proof of work or ingredients are unclear, LeanFire Diet Aminos has verifiable results and ingredients based on the numerous positive product reviews.

LeanFire Diet Aminos

What is LeanFire Diet Aminos?

LeanFire Diet Aminos is the latest fat burner from Force Factor. It comes in 45 servings. Each serving must be added to 8oz of water and consumed before the first two heavy meals of the day. Containing BCAAs, L-theanine, and Caffeine, this fitness product boosts people’s mental and physical resilience during their workout while increasing their recovery after their workout.

LeanFire Diet Aminos’ Ingredients

The main ingredients contained in this product comprise: Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), Verilean, and a Thermovigilance System (Caffeine and L-theanine). BCAAs help in the repair and building of worn-out muscles after working out. Caffeine gives the body and the brain the needed energy to persevere intense workout sessions. It is a well-known factor that stimulants (Caffeine being one of them) come with an intense high/ energy, and a low/ energy crash once they wear off. L-theanine reduces the ‘crash’ effect of caffeine. Verilean improves the fat to muscle loss ratio during a workout session so that more fat (up to 2.5 times) is burnt in comparison with the wasted muscle.

Delicious Flavors

LeanFire Diet Aminos comes in three flavors: Blueberry Lemonade, Gummy Bear, and Strawberry Pineapple. None of the flavors have calories so users need not worry about consuming more calories than they need. The delicious flavors leave users yearning to consume the product after working out.

Favorable Reviews

Force Factor, the manufacturer of LeanFire Diet Aminos, explains the need for launching this fitness product that not only enhances weight loss but also enhances the building of muscles. In their post, they acknowledge that working out requires energy and wears off the muscles; a reason why they include Verilean and the thermovigilance system as ingredients of this natural fitness product.

In a post on Steemit.com, one user pleasantly noted that LeanFire Diet Aminos lists the ingredients on the packaging to eliminate the guessing game that users are exposed to in unlabeled products. The ingredients’ listing also make the product safe for use as users can assess the side-effects of each of the products before they use the product.

MorningHealthNews.com noted that using LeanFire Diet Aminos taken with another Force Factor’s fitness product, Force Factor WHEY30, increases the efficiency of both products giving users a quick recovery after workouts and the building of lean muscle.

Supplementhunter.com, in their review of this fitness product, mentioned that LeanFire Diet Aminos simplifies weight loss and lean muscle building by avoiding synthetic fillers and including the necessary ingredients to hasten these processes.

These are just a few of the positive reviews the product has already garnered in their short time on the market.

Try it Today!

If you are looking to jumpstart your weight loss plan in 2018, while simultaneously helping your muscles recover after an intense workout, try LeanFire Diet Aminos today! LeanFire Diet Aminos can be bought at Force Factor’s official website and is in GNC stores nationwide.