Instagram is no longer just a place where you share what you ate for lunch or what did you wear to the office. Now, it’s a business for some people, and you can also find almost anything in there from artworks, vacation recommendations, and even skincare routine suggestions with short product reviews! If you’re having skin troubles or just want to improve your routine, these list of Instagram skincare influencers below can inspire you to up your skincare game. And since we all have different types of skin, I also included their skin types and conditions in the description so you which routine recommendations will suit you.

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Combination, Dehydrated, and Acne-Prone

Why should you follow? Sonia of MoikoBeauty posts beautifully flatlay photos of her current skincare routine and purchases in her feed.  (It’s actually her Instagram feed in the top photo.) While her Instagram Stories often feature promos, unboxing videos, how she uses her products, and skincare routines of other skincare influencers which have the same skin type as hers.

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Combination, Acne-Prone, and Sensitive

Why should you follow? Admittedly, this is my Instagram handle. But this is not just shameless self-advertising, I really do share my current skincare routine, unboxing my beauty hauls, and test products while sharing my first impressions in my Stories. I also share super short reviews, tips on how I dye my hair and takes care of it; keeping it smooth, soft and shiny. I also promote sales and share review opportunities from beauty brands. And oh! If you also like travel photos and makeup, I share them too!

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Combination and Acne-Prone

Why should you follow? Dev of SokoSkincare has a skincare routine which has a mix of Western and Korean beauty brands. Besides a well-curated feed, he also features products like Drunk Elephant, Leegeeham, Glossier, Krave Beauty and more. He also shares reviews and updates on the brands he uses.

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Combination, Acne/Scarring, and Aging

Why should you follow? Shereen is based in the UK and a Korean skincare addict, like the rest of the people on this list. A lot of the people on this list have combination and acne-prone skin but only Shereen tackles anti-aging products. Plus, she shares a very detailed review considering Instagram has a limit.



Skin Type:  Balanced and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

Why should you follow? Bailey of freakinthesheetmask is from the US but currently living in South Korea, so expect a mix of Western and Korean beauty brands in her feed. But expect more K-beauty. She also launched a Gudetama Challenge for those ladies who love to lounge around with a sheet mask.

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Normal to Dry, and Acne-prone Skin.

Why should you follow? If you have dry skin, love sheet masks and appreciate a good photography plus thorough reviews and tips, this is the account you should follow!

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Combination, Sensitive, Hormonal Acne, and Rosacea.

Why should you follow? If you love sheet masks and find it hard to find the right beauty product for your sensitive skin with hormonal acne and rosacea (like most people on the planet), then this is the account you should be following. Margarette also provides detailed mini product reviews and her latest skincare routine.

asian beauty instagram


Skin Type: Dry Skin

Why should you follow? Sharon does not only share her latest skincare products and routines, she also shares makeup tips and reviews from Asian brands. Plus, she has a really cute feed too.

Do you know some Instagram skincare influencers that I didn’t include in this list? Share their links below!