Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when they’re paired with rose gold and gemstones. But what if you aren’t sure which engagement ring is perfect for your proposal? What if you need a little direction before you go flipping through random catalogs? Here are just a few rings that are sure to get a “yes.”

engagement ring jewelry wedding

1. Lotus Flower Diamond Ring

The Lotus Flower ring lives up to its name by looking as pretty and delicate as an actual flower. A circular halo of diamonds surrounds its center gemstone; its band is pure and unblemished. As a bonus, everything is made of 14-karat rose gold that shimmers under direct light.

2. The Mandana Ring

With its glittering diamonds and vivid green emeralds, this antique-styled ring brings to mind the most elegant of French royalty. If she likes “art deco” jewelry, this is one offering from Brilliant Earth that she won’t want to miss.

3. Sapphire Cadenza Halo Diamond Ring

The diamonds in this ring are used as a halo that surrounds a gorgeous sapphire gemstone. If that isn’t enough, its marquise shape boasts 58 facets across 14 carats. It will be a breathtaking sight for your loved one, especially if you inscribe its band with something meaningful.

4. Tapered Baguette Diamond Ring

Maybe she doesn’t want anything fancy. Maybe she’s the kind of woman who will appreciate a subtle, sophisticated ring that doesn’t need to be encrusted with a dozen diamonds to look amazing. The tapered baguette ring might be just the thing: It’s simple but stylish!

5. Opal Cherish Ring

This jaw-dropping opal ring is sure to get you a dramatic gasp when she opens the ring box. For starters, its opal is big, bold and beautiful; it also has inlaid diamonds to complement it. Give her an experience that she’ll never forget when you propose with this ring!

art deco engagement ring

6. Morganite Fortuna Ring

This split-band ring uses yellow gold and morganite to make a statement. It’s also cushion-cut, so if you’re tired of traditional ovals and circles, it offers something a little different in terms of style. The diamonds just complete the look.

7. Aquamarine Willow Diamond Ring

Is her birthday in March? While this aquamarine engagement ring can be worn by anyone, it will have special meaning to March babies. Twisting, semiprecious bands come together to showcase both its diamonds and its birthstone, so it’s definitely a ring that will be noticed on your fiance’s finger.

8. Fortuna Diamond Ring

When nothing but endless, countless diamonds will do, consider the Fortuna ring. It packs so many diamonds on its surface that it can practically be used as a mirror. Of course, its platinum shine helps with that.

9. The Wisdom Ring

Brilliant Earth diamonds are on full display in this vintage, European-cut engagement ring. Not only do they surround its beautiful sapphire, but they’re also used as diamond accents around the band. If she likes her jewelry with a little bling, this is the ring for her!

These are just a few engagement rings that will glitter in the light as you go to one knee. There are plenty more out there, but these should be enough to give you some inspiration for further ring shopping. Good luck with your proposal!