This Valentine’s Day, give your man the gift of confidence, strength, and virility. Who needs chocolates or flowers when the testosterone-boosting supplement Alpha King can really make your man feel like royalty? As men age, they tend to lose muscle mass, energy, and sexual virility, partly due to the body’s naturally decreasing production of testosterone. With a daily supplement like Alpha King that boosts levels of free testosterone in the body, men can experience an increase in lean muscle mass, energy, sexual arousal, and stamina. Don’t miss out on these astounding results just waiting to be unleashed upon the man you love.

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Alpha King

From Force Factor, a trusted line of quality sports nutrition supplements, comes Alpha King: a male performance supplement designed to boost the body’s production of free testosterone. As higher levels of free testosterone are known to increase sexual arousal and stamina, this also results in higher energy levels, confidence, and overall better physical performance. When paired with physical activity, this supplement can increase lean muscle mass, more than with just exercise alone, allowing men to scale the heights of masculine prowess and strength.

Powerful Ingredients

While fenugreek extracts have long been used in virility supplements, Alpha King uses a new type of fenugreek extract, AlphaFen, known to have higher concentration and absorption rates. This is due to the extract’s high levels of sapogenins, believed to block the enzyme responsible for converting the body’s testosterone to estrogen. As the sapogenins are more bioavailable, Alpha King is quickly absorbed into the blood for higher efficacy rates and faster results.

Alpha King’s Additional Ingredients

Alpha King’s other ingredients include those traditionally used in male enhancement supplements like diindolylmethane (DIM), black maca, and Tribulus Terrestris. These additional ingredients are known to increase desire and enhance male arousal and longevity.

How It Works

AlphaFen, Alpha King’s primary ingredient, has demonstrated its ability to be easily absorbed by the body, more so than other leading fenugreek extracts. As supplement experts report, a product’s ingredients are only beneficial if they are readily available in the bloodstream. Thus, absorption can be the difference between a supplement’s success or failure. This is a huge factor behind Alpha King’s success, as the AlphaFen is so concentrated and bioavailable that it only requires men to take one small capsule each day, while many other supplements on the market can require up to four pills a day. With AlphaFen’s high levels of sapogenins, compounds thought to be capable of blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen, the body’s free testosterone levels are getting a boost – all with just the one small capsule each day.

Full bottles of Alpha King are available at GNC retail shops (and It can also be ordered online at the Force Factor website. Although many men struggle with declining levels of free testosterone as they age, there are supplements like Alpha King designed to address the symptoms. Benefits of Alpha King include improving lean muscle mass in the gym, boosting energy, and increasing sexual arousal and longevity. These benefits can greatly enhance your man’s physical and emotional well-being – and, by the way, help you out as a result. So this Valentine’s Day, give your man the gift that keeps on giving and gets him started on the road to strength, endurance, and sexual virility.