Parties are one of the things many people look forward to most in any given year. A chance to catch up with your friends, socialize with new acquaintances, and make some lasting memories for all involved is a thing of beauty, and being a guest is the best part of all of it. What does this mean for the host? A whole lot of stress if you don’t have a plan in place. There are many things that make a party exciting and having at least some of them are required for a shindig to be memorable and fun.

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In this article, we’ll quickly run you through the process of making a party memorable and amazing, in the hopes it takes the stressful edge from the hosting aspect.


The music you play is up to you, but having an idea of appropriate tempo is a good starting place for your choice. Some people incorrectly assume that a song has to be a “banger” to get people to have fun at a party, but this is just an idea pedaled by the electronic music industry and can be disregarded entirely.

The BPM of any song is all you need to know to match it to the feel of the event, and a gentle build from slow to fast throughout the night is a recipe for success. Start off with upbeat, laid-back music and slowly progress through upbeat fast music to full-blown dance music when everyone has had a few drinks. This is the time when people are most likely to kick back and dance a little, which is always a good sign at a party.


A themed party is a fun party, and adding costumes to the mix can make it a riot. Themes give you a direction for drink designs, food ideas, and decorations. This is a fantastic way to make most of the planning more focused on one idea, instead of a general idea of providing a “good time”.

As an example, an Ancient Greece themed party could have Chiton costumes, fresh bread, olive oil and cheese platters, and fun cocktails named after the ancient Greek gods. An added bonus could be looking into photo booths in Sydney, as these can immortalize your costumes and give all your friends mementos of the great party you threw.

Guest List

Make sure you invite carefully. If your friends are prone to drama, find out before even announcing the party who will likely cause problems and why, and then you can accurately build a guest list. A great party can easily be ruined by a couple having a screaming match in the middle of things, so best to invite as many laid-back people as you can and let them set the mood of the soiree.


Providing food is a must, as you’re the host and you’re expected to provide for your congregation. Make sure your menu caters to everyone’s needs, including vegan and vegetarian options is non-negotiable for many people, so factor that into your finger food formatting.


Providing drinks is more based on your monetary situation than anything else, but a good rule of thumb is that soft drinks are a must, alcohol is a maybe. If you don’t want to spend a literal tower of money on beer and cider, make a note to tell everyone it’s a BYO party, and that you’ll provide the soft drinks. This ensures that your designated drivers or non-alcoholic-consuming friends don’t feel left out.

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Finally, the games of the night. Whether or not you decided on a theme, games are always something that should happen naturally, not become forced. Beer-pong is a classic, as is limbo, and these games become funnier the more the combatants consume alcohol. Setting up competitive, multiplayer video games can also be fun, and gives people something to do if the social aspect of the party overwhelms them.

With these tips, your party is ready to go. It will surely be a night to remember, and something to look forward to!