It has been an amazing experience to learn about Essiac Tea.  The incredible story of Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse and the remarkable testimonials from numerous cancer patients have come together to create a modern legend of sorts.

This herbal formula is used widely across North America as a gentle remedy that treats cancer with no or few side effects.

It is used as well to treat other health problems, like a weakened immune system, asthma, allergies, ulcers, chronic pain, obesity, kidney and bladder problems, retention of fluids, constipation, diarrhea, chest colds,  pneumonia, sinus problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gout, colon  problems, tumor growth, arthritis and diabetes.

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What Is It?

Actually “Essaic” isn’t a real word.  It’s “Caisse” spelled backward, in reference Rene Caisse, the original creator of the formula. In essence, it’s Cassie’s tea.

Thousands of terminally ill cancer patients were treated by Rene for over 50 years using her herbal formula.  She never charged money for her services.  All she accepted was voluntary contributions from patients.

So would you like to discover how Rene became world-famous through using her secret tea recipe to provide a cancer cure?

What Are The Health Benefits of Essiac Tea?

The benefits provided by this herbal formula that the general public has reported include the following:

  • Calms the body (works as a natural sedative)
  • Builds the blood and stops hemorrhages
  • Helps with digestion
  • Corrects or prevents constipation
  • Works at reducing heavy metal deposits within the tissues, particularly those that surround the joints
  • Provides the immune system with a boost
  • Acts as a preventative tonic
  • Protects against the detrimental effects of mercury, lead and aluminum poisoning

Although that might sound like an impressive list, the truth is modern science has still not proven its health benefits.  That might sound ridiculous since people have been using the tea for more than 80 years with very impressive anecdotal success.

Scientists are now just beginning to systematically test it.

What is the Herbal Formula? 

Rene Caisse, working as a nurse, treated the wife of an English miner whose breast had scars from cancer.  The elderly lady told Rene that an Indian medician man had cured her cancer.

She provided the recipe to Rene after the nurse asked her if she could have it to potentially help other people.  There are four herbs in this Indian remedy: rhubarb root, slippery elm bark, burdock root and sheep sorrel.

Rene slightly changed this original Indian remedy over the years.  She sold the formula later to Resperin Corporation, and is now sells and markets it under the company’s brand called Essiac Canadian International.

Other variations were introduced into the market over the years.  Flor-Essence was one of the most prominent ones. It uses an 8-herb formula.

Original Formula – Does It Really Matter?

Exact ratios are needed by herbal medicines in order for them to function correctly.  Rene Caisse spent 50 years perfecting her herbal formula.  Over the long years of her research, she came to the conclusion that all of the other formulas out there were inferior to the one that she had perfected.

All of the parts of a machine need to be in the right places in order for it to function correctly, and the same thing is true for herbal medicine.  Rene Caisse and Dr. Brusch conducted trial studies and discovered that it was the combination of the herbs, and not them individually, that makes this formula so effective.  And in order for it function properly the combination needs to be in the right ratios.

So for maximum efficacy, the preparation needs to be used as Rene Caisse specified it.  So the big question is: Who actually has her authentic formula?

Tea Liquid Review: Four Herbs Versus Eight Herbs

It can be confusing when trying to purchase Essiac liquid.  One source reports that there are over forty brands available in the marketplace.  Of course, all of them claim that their product is the best one.

The two most well-established brands in the marketplace are Flor-Essence, which contains 8 herbs, and Essiac Canada International, which contains 4 herbs.

There are two different kinds of Rhubarb roots that are used by the two brands.  ONe uses Turkey Rhubarb Root and the other one uses Indian Rhubarb Roots.  They each have their own pros and cons.

Review Of Tea Powders – What To Look Out For

Although purchasing Essiac liquid from well-known brands can be convenient to start with, long-term users might want to purchase powdered herbs and prepare it on their own.

The main problem is there are many counterfeit products out there.  So you need to be careful.

Herbal Tea Purchasing Guide

In order to function properly, herbal medicines need to have the exact ratios, and the original formula by Rene Caisse is the only one that has been shown to have anecdotal success.  There have just been two highly reliable formulas, that I am aware of, that have been released to the public.

Another option that is highly recommended is to grow and harvest herbal plants of your own. That way, you will have complete control over the ingredients that are used.  You can save lots of money also!

Tincture and Capsules

Currently, I don’t recommend that you purchase tincture and capsules unless a reputable company has prepared them.

That is due to the fact that there are many questions about the quality of the herbs that are used, including in powder and liquid tea forms.  Whenever you purchase tinctures and capsules from unknown companies, the risks are higher of receiving inferior products.