While everyone enjoys the occasional getaway, there are benefits to going on vacation that go beyond seeing somewhere new. For starters, have you ever considered how getting away from it all can actually be good for your skin?

No, really. The benefits of vacations are in fact well-documented and represent an overlooked aspect of beauty and skin care for the masses.

Does a vacation for your skin sound too good to be true? Believe the hype. Consider the following four reasons why a getaway might be just the thing your skin needs to recover.

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You Naturally Reduce Stress

Stress can be a nightmare on your skin, plain and simple. Whether it’s your job or personal relationships weighing you down mentally, eliminating such stress should go hand in hand with any vacation.

Everyone’s idea of a relaxing vacation is totally different. For example, camping vacations that allow you to get some energy out and spend time outdoors are a win-win for those looking for some rejuvenation. Whether it means taking an RV trip to Dallas or camping in California, anything that gets you to the great outdoors can be a miracle for your skin.

You Can Soak Up Some Sun

On a related note, sunlight represents a natural mood-booster and can help out anyone that might have a vitamin D deficiency. If you generally stay out of the sunlight, you might be surprised at how an outdoors-focused vacation could really help you out. This is especially true if you spend some time at the beach where the combination of sun and sand act as a natural exfoliant.

If you do decide to spend some serious time outdoors, make sure to also take steps to protect your skin in the process. A light sunburn is fine, but long-term exposure can lead to more serious complications if you aren’t careful.

You Get to Open Up Your Pores

Vacations represent a prime opportunity to give your skin a bit of a break in terms of your daily makeup routine. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to doll up, consider the effects of prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals and how some makeup can damage your skin.

Embracing an all-natural look while away from home may feel strange, but can ultimately be a refreshing experience for your pores.

You Get to Experience a New Environment

Sometimes the best medicine for your body is taking you out of your element and going somewhere totally different.

Whether it’s the beach, the desert or a balmy climate, the impact of vacationing on your skin and well- being shouldn’t be ignored. This is especially true for those with chronic skin conditions (think: eczema or dermatitis) or frequent breakouts. You may, in fact, find that something going on at home could be triggering your skin problems in the first place, but you’ll never know if you don’t go beyond your own backyard.

Don’t neglect the overall positive impact a much-needed vacation can have on your skin. Start thinking about your next getaway today for the sake of your skin and personal health – you’ll be thankful that you did.