Lime Crime is one of the cutest and very millennial indie beauty brands out there. They sell almost everything from liquid lipsticks, nail polish, eyeshadows, makeup tools, and even hair colors. Unfortunately, Lime Crime is also the most imitated brand. They don’t have an official store in the Philippines and they don’t also ship directly to the Philippines as far as I know, but their products can be seen everywhere from online resellers to bazaars, and the most suspicious part, they sell it far lower than the actual price of Lime Crime on their official website. So yes, those cheap Lime Crimes are fake. So where to buy Lime Crime in the Philippines, the authentic ones?

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Local Online Stores

Calyxta – This store sells the hardest to find beauty brands in the Philippines which are mostly from US brands like Lime Crime, ColourPop, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hourglass, and more.

Make Up Store – If you read my blog often, then you definitely read about this store. I often mention them on where to buy beauty products that are hard to find in the Philippines, because they really sell a lot of them and you can even pre-order from them.

Rainbowhead PH – This one is actually a store that sells hair dyes, and not just any normal hair dyes, they sell those that are really hard to find with unique colors like Lime Crime, Manic Panic, Pravana, Ion, and more! Besides hair dyes, they also sell other hair products such as bleaching kit, bleaching shampoos, dry shampoo, toners, correctors, hair treatments, and more. They are actually my go-to place for all things hair!

where to buy lime crime in the philippines - unicorn hair - style vanity asian beauty blog

Online Shops That Ships to the Philippines

Cult Beauty – This one is my go-to store for products that are hard to find in the Philippines because they stock fast and offers free shipping to the Philippines on orders above EUR40. Besides Lime Crime, they also sell The Ordinary which is also hard to find.

Revolve – They’re a popular online clothing seller, but Revolve has been selling beauty products as well that are loved by millennials.

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How to Buy Directly to Lime Crime & Ship to the Philippines?

If you don’t want to buy from a reseller, you can actually buy directly to the Lime Crime official website and ship it to your home in the Philippines, How? Sign up for LBC Shipping Cart or My Mall Box which are both forwarding companies that will give you US shipping address that isn’t a P.O. Box. With that US address, you can use it as shipping address in Lime Crime website. They will ship your orders to that address and when they arrive, it’s up to you when you want to ship it to your home in the Philippines for a certain price. For LBC Shipping Cart, you don’t have to worry about huge customs fee, it’s already included in your fee and no need to wait for PhilPost because it’s an LBC company. While for My Mall Box, you can opt for USPS or DHL.

So far, these are the only places I know where to buy Lime Crime in the Philippines. I know there are a lot of resellers out there like those in Shopee, but I can’t vouch if all of them are real or fake. But one tip I can give you is: If it less than Php1000 then it’s probably fake because Lime Crime is not that cheap when converted to PH Peso.