A few months ago, we were excited to share with you an upcoming platform called Onoxa. We are happy to say the company has launched, just in time for the Holiday! As we previously mentioned, Onoxa is the perfect source for you to become your own skincare entrepreneur. Here are some ways they are making it easier for you to do so.


Help You Build Your Own Brand

Onoxa strongly believes in the value of entrepreneurship. The company was founded to help independent salons and other cosmetic-driven enterprises develop and sell their own line of custom products without the expense and headache associated with manufacturing. The result is a more upscale, premium experience for your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

Onoxa allows users to customize over 30 different products, including moisturizers, eye serums, facial creams, oils, and hair care solutions. Every product starts with a proven formula that you can enhance by adding featured components, such as green tea extract and Vitamin E. The result is a completely customized offering for a fraction of the cost required to do it yourself!

Once you have your product line in mind, you can design your own custom packaging using the website’s seamless label customizer, including a robust library of existing templates. If you don’t know anything about branding, don’t worry! The experts at Onoxa provide a variety of packaging tips, such as what colors work well with others and a clear delineation of where your label will ultimately be cut. There is also a live chat option to answer any additional questions you have in real time, ensuring that superior branding is accessible to everyone.

Be Your Own Boss!

There are many benefits to using Onoxa to manufacture your products instead of attempting to handle it yourself. First of all, Onoxa does not have the high production minimums that other manufacturers do, allowing you to purchase only the product you need to save on overhead. Purchase as few as 25 units to get started! You also save money by avoiding the expensive Research and Development process, as well as, no longer needing storage for excess merchandise.

Onoxa also guarantees a measure of quality control you cannot find elsewhere. All of the existing formulations are backed by science, so you can trust that you’re selling a quality product to your customers. The branding you choose will also be printed according to your precise specifications, so it will always look good on the label.

Here is a quick rundown of the services Onoxa provides:

1. Manufacturing

With years of experience manufacturing quality cosmetic products, Onoxa has the research capabilities, high-end machinery, and scale to produce the products you need as you need them.

2. Customization

You can tailor your branding to your wants and needs with just a few clicks on your computer or mobile device.

3. Design

Choose a proven template or start from scratch for your own unique creation. Either way, your brand will have clear messaging across all of your products.

4. Packaging

The jars, bottles, and other containers your products arrive in will be designed to both appear enticing on the shelf and functional in the hands of your customers.

5. Private Labeling

Onoxa’s expert team ensures that every label looks the way it is supposed to.

6. Shipping

Your finished merchandise is immediately shipped to your doorstep from Onoxa’s manufacturing center in Florida. Real-time order updates ensure that you know where your merchandise is at all times.

Connect with Onoxa

The best way to learn more about Onoxa is to visit them online at Onoxa.com. You can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter all of the latest company news.