I can no longer count how many times I dyed my hair since October 2016. But since then I have only used four different brands of hair dye because the last one I used was so good, I stopped looking for other brands. Read the rest of my Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids Violet Hair Dye review to know if this is the brand that stopped me from looking for other brands.

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What is it?

Pravana ChromSilk Vivids is a semi-permanent hair dye that promises to give you a vibrant and long-lasting (up to 2 months) hair color. According to Pravana website, these ChromeSilk Vivids is their award-winning collection, by winning the Stylist Choice Award for Favorite Creative Color for the 4th year in a row. It is favored by both professional hair stylists and celebrities.


APPLICATION: Before anything else, you should bleach your hair before using this product especially if you have a black hair like mine. You can read all about my preparation in this post here. But unlike other hair dyes, Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids Violet Hair Dye will work on as low as level 6 blonde. (To know your blonde hair level, check this photo guide.) Which is great for someone with a very dark hair like mine, it means I don’t have to do the damaging process of bleaching twice.

No need to wet your hair or mix the Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids with any other chemicals, you could just apply the creamy hair dye directly to your hair. While you can opt to dilute it on a conditioner (ratio is 1 cup: 1 drop, but it depends on the color consistency you want), I opted to just apply it directly to my hair. Of course, don’t forget to put petroleum jelly on your face, ears, and neck to avoid the hair dye from staining those parts. And don’t forget gloves too!

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Base in the dog filter, you can tell that this photo was taken around 2016. It was actually taken, I think, in the last week of December 2016. I avoided dyeing my roots but I do love how vibrant it the violet hair dye was.

SCENT: Unlike other hair dye brands, Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids Violet Hair Dye does not have a strong chemical smell. It does not sting although it has a light, kinda menthol mix with something chemical smell.

PACKAGING: As shown in the top photo, Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids is packaged in a silver box and tube with a similar design. The tube is easy to squeeze and you can fold it to entirely dispense the hair dye.

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This photo was taken just last month, May 2017. My hair already grew but my hair is still violet.

RESULT: On my first week of dyeing my hair with Pravana ChromeSilk Violet Hair Dye, I had a bit of challenge. It stains on the colors of my shirt, towel, and pillow. So for the first 2 and a half weeks, I avoided white or any light colors. Although it stains, it’s such a relief that the stain is easily removed on your stuff, but not in your hair. I actually wore a white crochet bikini on my trip (I forgot I have freshly dyed hair) and the top half of it turned violet but when I got it after the laundry, the violet stain was completely gone.

I’m sure girls who love to dye their hair like mine, and familiar with this brand will all agree that this is the least hair dye that stains and it last so long! It only promises up to 2 months, but with proper hair care, it could last longer. I only retouch my hair color every 3 months.


PROS: Vibrant color, long lasting, does not sting, ready to use, and can color level 6 blonde and up.

CONS: It stains on your first 2 weeks. Kinda dries your hair so you have to dilute it on a conditioner if you like.

Will I buy it again? Absolutely yes! Ever since I used Pravana, I didn’t look for any other hair dye brands anymore. It’s actually more pigmented and last longer than the highly popular Manic Panic.

Where to Buy?

I bought my Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids Violet Hair Dye from Rainbow Head Philippines for Php700. They are the only authorized dealer of some of the most popular hair dyes from abroad.

You can also buy this on Amazon for $11.

What do you think of my Pravana ChromeSilk Vivids Violet Hair Dye review? Are you tempted to dye your hair now? Sahre it below!