Every year, I’m pretty sure a majority of you have heard of the “Black Friday” even if you’re not from the US. Personally, I’m not really sure what Americans celebrate on Black Friday but I do know that almost all stores from clothing to electronics are having a massive sale with huge discounts on every item in their stores. And then after the Black Friday, they also have an online version of it called “Cyber Monday” which more people who live outside of the US can take advantage. Yes, even though the shop does not ship to the Philippines, you can still shop from them! Just know how to ship from US to Philippines. Below are the steps:

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1. Find a Forwarding Company

Before you start anything else, find a forwarding company that will give you a US address, not a P.O. Box address because most online shops in the US are not shipping to P.O. Box addresses. If you’re from the Philippines, the Shipping Cart is a good choice. They’re cheaper and does not have huge customs tax because your orders will be shipped by LBC. But if you’re from another country like Australia or India or anywhere else, you can try My Mall Box, they also forward to the Philippines but they also ship to other countries and you can choose which carrier will ship your orders like DHL or USPS.

2. Choose A Shop

Cyber Monday may not be as chaotic as Black Friday because we all do it in the comfort of our homes, but it doesn’t mean the shopping will be stress-free. In fact, you may experience website crashing from too much traffic and even products sold out even though you already added it to your cart. So the first thing you should do is choose where to shop a day before. Find Cyber Monday Deals online, know when their sales will start, and add to wishlist the stuff you want to purchase.

3. Sign Up!

Now that you have a forwarding company and knows where you will shop, make sure that all your shipping details and credit card details are securely saved in your account for a fast checkout on Cyber Monday.

But wait…. what about the 12.12 Sales?

You can do all these steps all over again before December 12, and check the 12.12 Sales promos in here.