The Korean beauty skin care is infamous for its 10-step routine, although I lowered mine to 6 steps only, it’s still a lot of products for travel. And I hate decanting my beauty products to smaller containers so I can take them when I travel. As much as possible I buy travel sizes or keep a sample of the products I use so it’ll be easier to put them in my carry-on travel bag, but that’s not always possible since some products are not available in travel sizes. So how to pack your k-beauty skin care routine for travel?


It’s easy to find a facial wash in travel size but I always double cleanse using an oil cleanser especially when I applied makeup, and a bottle of oil cleanser is not TSA-friendly. So the solution, I buy a balm cleanser instead which is basically an oil cleanser in solid form. It’s spill-proof, easy to use, and even easier to pack because they are in travel-friendly sizes.


Nothing feels better at the end of a travel day than freshening up your face with a toner or cleansing water, but some of them are not travel-friendly as well. The solution, pre-soak some cotton pads with your fave toner or cleansing water and seal them into a Ziploc bag. This will keep them fresh and moist and make it super easy to tone up your skin on the go.


I mentioned I hate decanting, but sometimes, it’s really inevitable, and contact lens cases are your best friends! For sleeping masks, moisturizers, eye creams and the like, you can store them in those contact lens cases since they’re basically like little tubs. They’re easy to pack, cut down on a lot of clutter, can fit a lot of products, and no leaks.

But for BB Creams, since most of them are packaged in delicate bottles or tubes that are mostly not approved by the TSA, you can actually put them in a cushion compact. I do this all the time since bottles and tubes are too big for my everyday bag as well. You can buy an empty cushion case with foam and cushion puff in Daiso or k-beauty stores. Actually, you can even put your favorite liquid foundations in it, or make your own BB cream by mixing your fave moisturizer, sunblock, and foundation or tinted moisturizer in an empty cushion case.


Most serums and facial oils come in fragile bottles that are not good for travel. So packing them in a spill-proof plastic eye dropper bottle or just any dropper bottle is a much better way to travel. And will make it super easy to apply right onto your skin. You can empty and clean your old eye dropper or you can buy a new plastic dropper bottle in Daiso or Amazon.

Travelling shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing your skin care routine, that’s what my mom always says. Traveling can be stressful especially on your skin, and that’s the important reason to bring your skincare routine with you.

Do you have other tips on how to pack your k-beauty skin care routine for travel? Share it below!