Late last year, I had a nasty breakout. It’s so bad, I was so insecure, I was willing to try any product that could help me no matter how much was the price. One day, I stumbled upon an article from Refinery29 about a review of a face mask that shrank the writer’s pimple and helps clear her skin. Of course, I didn’t buy it immediately, I Googled more reviews and I learned so many positive reviews about it. So I said, hell yeah, I’m getting this product! Unfortunately, I could only buy it from Sephora. And that time, Sephora Philippines is not yet open. But despite that and the hefty price, I asked my friend in Hong Kong to buy it for me. But did it work? Were the price and the effort all worth it? Keep reading my Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask review to know more.


FRESH Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask is a multitasking, three-in-one treatment that can also be used as a daily deep cleanser or to minimize small imperfections. It claims to reduce the appearance of pores and detoxifying skin without stripping it of essential moisture to reveal a balanced, healthy-looking complexion. Formulated with Fresh’s proprietary mineral-rich Umbrian clay, one of the earliest known cosmetic ingredients dating back to the 6th century, this charcoal-toned clay is in mineral content that combats congestion and clarifies the skin.


  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Sandalwood oil has astringent properties and helps to calm the skin.
  • Chamomile and lavender have soothing properties.
  • Paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.

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APPLICATION: To use as a mask, leave on for three to five minutes, then rinse. To minimize small imperfections, dab on the affected area and allow to dry, then rinse. Lastly, to use as a deep cleanser, apply a small amount of the product onto damp skin and rinse.

SCENT: It has a mild scent of sandalwood.

PACKAGING: The jar is heavy, that’s my first impression and I know immediately it’s not ideal for traveling. It also packaged in a box which has a Victorian era with modern twist design and it also comes with a scoop. But the new packaging now comes in a grey jar (not sure about the weight tho) and cap. And it’s also available in a tube now.

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TEXTURE: The formula is creamy and a bit watery at the same time. You need to kinda mix them using the scoop before applying on your face.

RESULTS: Despite its creamy texture, the Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask dries up like a matte lipstick on to your skin. But it’s easy to wash off. I used this as a mask, blemish treatment, and even as a cleanser. And among its three uses, I find it better to use as a weekly mask.

As a mask, it makes my skin smoother and it calms my skin whenever I needed calming. But it’s too much for my skin as a daily facial cleanser. Is there such thing as too much calming? Anyway, as a blemish treatment, those people that claim that this product “shrinks pimples” it never happened to me. Two weeks applying this to my blemish area (pimple and dark pimple scar), nothing significant really happened.

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PROS: As a mask, it calms your sensitive skin and it also makes your skin feels smooth. You can use this as well a daily facial cleanser.

CONS: Not really “minimizing small imperfections” and not deep cleansing as well. It never shrinks any pimples on my face. Overall, it didn’t help on clearing my skin even though I added this to my skincare routine back then that my doctor prescribed. Lastly, it’s really pricey.


You can buy FRESH Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask in Sephora for $62 in a 100ml jar and $25 in a 30ml tube. If you live in the Philippines, you can also buy this in Sephora Philippines for Php3660 in a 100ml jar and Php1464 in a 30ml tube. If you can also buy this in Sephora Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong but I’m not sure about their prices.

What do you think of this FRESH Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask review? Have you tried it before or you’re curious to try it? Share it below!