I am not really a fan of lotions. I hate that their too thick, and often sticky. But I have no choice but to use them because I need to moisturize my skin daily. So when I learned that Cloud Cosmetics is also selling a gel moisturizer for the body, I knew I have to get it immediately. But did it impressed me like their Baby Pores? Keep reading my Cloud Cosmetics Tomato Gelly review to know more.


Cloud Cosmetics Tomato Gelly is a body moisturizer that will leave your skin bright and glowing. This gel formula features konjac to maintain intense skin hydration and anti-aging soy extracts to keep skin looking youthful.


APPLICATION: I highly suggest to shake the bottle just a little bit before using this because you’ll end up squeezing out watery formula instead of gel. After you shake the bottle and squeeze an adequate amount of gel moisturizer, slather it all over your body any time of the day. But preferably after your shower.

cloud cosmetics tomato gelly review - featured image

SCENT: I know its name is “Tomato Gelly” but it smells more like a strawberry candy rather than a tomato.

PACKAGING: It is simply packaged in a plastic bottle that is easy to squeeze and best of all, doesn’t leak.

RESULTS: I love this Tomato Gelly! I can’t say anything yet about its anti-aging effect but I do like how it hydrates without the sticky feeling. It’s lightweight and non-sticky, perfect for the usual hot and humid weather of the Philippines. While for the brightening, I’m not so sure but my skin looks healthier, so maybe that counts?

cloud cosmetics tomato gelly review - featured image


PROS: It’s non-sticky, lightweight and hydrating with anti-aging and brightening effect. It’s perfect for the hot and humid places like the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.

CONS: I don’t see anything wrong honestly. Just don’t forget to gently shake the bottle before using.


You can buy Tomato Gelly in Cloud Cosmetics official website and Beauty MNL for the same price of Php399. But if you’re not from the Philippines, you can still order this product in Cloud Cosmetics website here.

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