Have fun with the whole family by crafting your Christmas tree decorations from scratch, instead of buying them from the store. All you need are a few supplies found around the house, some yarn and a bit of imagination to make decorations that look just as good as ornaments out of a package. Make some space on the dining-room table, pull out your craft supplies, and get into the holiday spirit by making some of these yarn decorations for your tree.

Christmas Trees

This is a fun idea for your holiday decorating: make miniature Christmas trees to put on top of your actual Christmas tree. This craft is incredibly easy and kid-friendly, so there is no need to worry about them losing interest in the task. All you will need are some popsicle sticks, glue, scissors and lots of yarn — make sure to get a variety of different colors, even colors that would never be found on a real pine tree. You will need to make an outline of a tree with popsicle sticks, then wrap yarn around the branches. You can also add a bit more shine by gluing on sequins, gems or buttons to represent baubles and string lights.

christmass tree decoration yarn

Pompom Ornaments

Pompoms are very simple to make, and you can make a whole pile of them in a short period of time. This craft only requires two supplies to be on hand: a pair of sharp scissors and lots of thick yarn. If you want step-by-step instructions on how to make a pompom, you can visit Yarnspirations.com to learn more — the website can even help you order a pompom maker so that every pompom turns out perfect. The incredible website has an abundance of yarn in different colours and fibers for all of your crafting needs, along with inspiration for other knitting and crocheting projects.

Yarn Ball Cages

This is another craft that kids will adore because it involves getting a little messy. These ornaments are made with small water balloons, white glue, cornstarch, warm water and lots of colorful yarn. Make sure to get a finer fiber of yarn, because you want the ornaments to look like homespun spheres. Much like the process of making paper mache, you will need to blow up the balloons, then wrap the balloons in yarn covered in a thick glue mix. After the glue dries, all you have to do is pop the balloon, add another layer of glue to dry, then attach it to a hook or ribbon for the tree.

Don’t buy boxes of baubles from the store when you can make your own ornaments for your Christmas tree. The entire family can have fun crafting fantastic decorations with some simple home supplies and colorful yarn—then when the ornaments are ready, you can all feel proud to put the decorations up. Your yarn creations will make your Christmas tree look so tremendous that you won’t want to take it down when the holiday season ends.