Ladies, in our beautification regimen, hair removal is consistently present in the list. If you are struggling with considering what method or technique that best suits you, take some time to explore the following modus operandi to achieve silky-smooth skin.

Plucking or Tweezing

The most common method of hair removal is plucking or tweezing. With the aid of tweezer, smaller hair like in eyebrows, you need to pull out the roots of the hair individually. It is best used for smaller hair like the eyebrows and hair in the face.


Another method that is very common for hair removal is waxing. It is best used for hair in bikini line, underarms, forearms, and legs. Using a spatula, spread enough amount of soft or cold wax in the desired area and pull it off with cloth strips. The hard wax hardens and is pulled off on its own without the aid of cloth strips.


Shaving is usually done on a daily basis. You will need an electric shaver or razor in order to cut the hair. Shave according to the direction in which the hair grows. Dr. Krishnan states that “It’s just a myth that hair will grow coarser and more densely after shaving”. It did not get thicker, it’s just that it feels pricklier because the follicle gets cut in half. It is advisable to apply hydrating moisturizer after shaving.

Shaving suits in eliminating hairs in bikini line, leg hair as well as hair in the underarms.


It is an ancient method of hair removal originating in the Middle East. A thin cotton thread is pulled tight along unwanted hair, thus pulling them out. This method is best for small areas like eyebrows, upper lip, and the cheeks.

Depilatory Creams

These are the over-the-counter creams that dissolve proteins which consist the hair. It is applied in the area of unwanted hair and wiped away along with the hairs. It is best for leg hair, forearms, underarms and also, bikini area.

Topical Creams or Prescription Creams

These creams do not really remove hair, it actually slows down the growth of the hair. It makes the hair softer and finer. You have to consult a dermatologist first if you want to try this.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is also known as intense pulse light therapy. It is by the wavelength of light that destroys the roots of the hair. According to Cameron Rokhsar, MD, a dermatologist, “ Laser hair removal really is the most effective way to have long-term hair reduction”. “ It’s as permanent as it gets”, she added. This method of hair removal is not recommended for those with white and blond hairs. It is best suited for women with dark hair.


If you have light or fuzzy hair and you opt for permanent hair removal, electrolysis is for you. Concentrated heat or electric current is used and a tiny needle is placed in each hair follicle to destroy the roots and prohibits it from growing.