Now day’s people are looking for various ways to stay fit and reduce weight for healthy body and mind. They tend to go for hiking, swimming, playing football, following rigorous gym routine with different equipment’s like spinner bikes, treadmills and much to stay in shape for long. People who stay committed to these activities for long enough, they definitely see good results, but none of it would work for you if you don’t take it seriously.

Running on the other hand is an evergreen activity to reduce weight and stay in shape and today we are here to discuss how you can make use of running without having a feeling of pain in joints and legs while running on long rough terrains for countless hours to see some good results and stay as running is something beyond that too for getting better results on daily basis by practising healthy running.

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So come on folks without any further delays lets hop right below to see how running can help us to stay in shape and live a healthy life full of bliss all around.

Lose weight with running

What better it could be to lose few extra pounds by running this summer and spring season or even in winters ,all you need to do is buy a new pair a good shoes and hit the nearest track to your house for 60 minutes daily to see some good results ,moreover you can also wear a waist trimmer belt to get even better results while running ,because when you run your body tends to increase its energy requirement which allows it to burn body calories and when you wear trimmer the calories requirement increase even more due to heat stored under it which makes all your excess body fat which you accommodate while eating tasty food cooked in best electric griddles in your home kitchen and countless bags of chips in your office day job get reduces easily .

Besides that the eating and resting metabolism of a body would work great after running to keep your body in shape and active throughout the day without any problems.

Reduce stress

Running even 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes boast your mood and reduces the stress level due to the release of hormone called endorphins which helps keep our mind away from negative thoughts, so whenever you tend to feel low due to any reason just go out and run for 30 minutes and you will definitely feel better after it.

We all know that depression, anxiety  stress induces a feeling to eat more junk and unhealthy food like chocolates, burgers, pizza, aerated drinks to deviate our mind, but all these food contains excessive sugar which is not required by our body but when we eat them, it gets stored as fats and cause many problems like obesity, diabetes etc. later in life, so to stay away from these impromptu unhealthy food temptations ,you should practice running which would eventually keep your mood lifted and these temptations away.

Improves functional strength and metabolism

Running regularly improves body functional strength by making it strong from inside and improving your immunity against any problems, like if you feel stress out or short of breath after walking the long staircase or even walking short distances then running will help improve it by making your body joints and ligaments stronger in long run. You could also live heavyweight and take them to long distances without any strain on body joints and pain if you practice running regularly.

Moreover, your mind will remain more alert and active which would improve your productivity throughout the day for better results in whatever work you do.


Running is an way of life to bring change to your outlook and lifestyle, while starting off don’t start straight away running for long hours, start with small walk, then jog around the tracks and their after soon you would realize that your this habit could take you to mills running in single go without any problem and become a part of your life to make it better and brighter.

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Also make sure that you keep a mini plain water or fruit infused water bottle to drink water with you while running, as you might feeling dehydrated due to sweating while running on longer stretches, so it would help you keep going.

You can find a partner who could join you in your daily regimen for a company to hold your spirits in place when you think of quitting and soon after you do this you will keep running for long and results will definitely be worth your effort.