Are you looking for a change in career? Is your job not challenging you? Do you need to find a new job that you can really be passionate about? The airline industry is ever-changing, filled with excitement and offers a huge variety of jobs, with something to suit everyone’s taste and skillset.

From out on the runway to up in the control tower, from working in the aircraft itself to working in one of the many support roles in the airport, the scope of employment is huge.  Worth an estimated $31.4 billion in 2017, the airline industry offers a wide range of exciting careers for anyone looking for a new opportunity in a booming industry.

While the number of reasons to consider working in the airline industry is seemingly endless, here are some of the most compelling reasons to get involved in this dynamic field.

airport travel

Variety and Choice

In 2016, Australia alone, operated more than 190,000 flights, carrying more than 37.5 million passengers, over 1 million tonnes of freight and more than 36,500 tonnes of mail! In order to achieve these numbers, a huge amount of personnel is required in a wide variety of positions.

Take an airport management course, learn to fly, seek opportunities in customer support or look into options as a ground crew member, mechanic or ramp agent. There are endless possibilities; the sky really is the limit!

Opportunity to Travel

 Of course, one of the main attractions with a career in the airline industry is the opportunity to travel. No other industry comes close when it comes to travel opportunities. If you’re part of the in-flight crew, you will be traveling while you work and will often have the chance to spend some time at your destination before returning home. And, if you’re off, you can often travel for free or at hugely discounted rates.

While some of the other roles such as ground crew, management and support staff might not travel every day, the opportunity to travel is still huge. Depending on the airline, you may get free or discounted flights, hotels, car hire and even activities and excursions.

The opportunity to travel is definitely not limited to those who are airborne for work, those on the ground can take advantage of this perk too.

Experience a New World

 Working in the airline industry, you will meet people from all over the world, exposing you to a new, exciting world out there. You will be introduced to delicious new foods, interesting cultures, new fashions and, maybe best of all, some amazing, open-minded people to share it with.

The airline industry typically attracts outgoing, enthusiastic, broad-minded people who want something different from the typical 9-5. Surrounding yourself with positive people at work every day will improve your mood, your outlook and make going to work a pleasure. And that’s a benefit that is difficult to come by in most industries today.

Take Your Career to New Heights

 Joining the airline industry is not reserved for those who want to work in or on an airplane. The scope of employment is hugely varied, allowing you to choose from a wide range of exciting careers. Combined with the unparalleled opportunity for travel and the great people you will be working alongside, it’s no wonder this is one of the most sought-after employment opportunities out there.

Let your imagination run free and spend some time exploring the captivating world of aviation and everything that goes along with it. With the right choices, you’ll be taking your career to new heights in no time.