For many individuals, their tattoos are integral parts of their personal stories that they would never want to change.  However, we all can’t get it right every single time.  The prospect of laser tattoo removal may seem overwhelming, however, if you take the right approach, the process doesn’t need to be that stressful.  Your body, in fact, responds to this treatment through working along with the laser to help with speeding up the process.

tattoo removal process

The top layers of skin are penetrated by the laser to break the ink down.  After the particles of ink are smaller, the immune system of the body targets and destroys these particles through the use of macrophages, which are special white blood cells.  Your body needs you to help with this.  This is where we will show you things you can do to speed your tattoo removal process up.

1. Avoid the treated area being exposed to the sun

Being exposed to the sun increases your skin’s melanin levels, which absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.  If you are thinking about having laser tattoo removal done, it is critical for your skin not to have too much melanin during the procedure. Not only does this make it harder for the ink pigment to be broken up by the laser, but increased levels of melanin also result in your skin being more susceptible to being burned.  To safely and efficiently remove a tattoo, in a few session as you possibly can, your tattooed area should be kept out of the sun for six weeks at least before your treatment starts.

2. Exercise on a regular basis

Although the link between exercise and tattoo material might not be apparent immediately, exercise does improve your immune system through boosting your body’s cells that attack foreign bodies, and that includes tattoo ink that has been broken down.  You can help to speed the healing process by taking half hour walks every day or going to the gym a couple of times per week.

3. Sleep well

Not getting enough sleep negatively impacts your immune system, which makes you ore prone to getting infections and less able to effectively fight bacteria.  Some individuals need to have more sleep compared to others, however, seven hours per night is believed to be ideal.  Your immune system might start suffering at less than six hours.  Some tips to help you improve the quality and quantity of your sleep include getting a regular routine established, like waking up and going to sleep at the same times every day. Avoiding stimulants like nicotine and caffeine before going to sleep, and ensuring that your computer and television are turned off so that you sleep in a sleep-conducive, restful environment.

4. Drink lots of water

Proper hydration is needed by your immune system for to work efficiently, however, might help to speed your tattoo removal process up in many ways.  Your kidney function is increased, which allows it to flush toxins out like broken-down ink faster.  It helps with lymph production as well, which carries white blood cells throughout the body, and allows them to break foreign bodies down and remove toxins out of your blood.  Water helps with keeping your skin in great condition. Like all of your body’s other organs, your skin needs to be properly hydrated for it to function at its highest level.  The better the condition of your skin, the more efficiently it is going to respond to laser treatment.

5. Consume more immunity-boosting foods

Certain foods have properties in them that help with strengthening your immune system.  According to Dore Aesthetics barley and oat contain beta-glucan, which is a kind of fiber with high antioxidant properties that help with speeding up the healing process of wounds.  Vitamin E is essential to having a healthy immune system and almonds are an excellent source of it.

6. Don’t smoke

It has been shown that the tattoo removal process is seriously impeded by smoking.  It was concluded by an Italian study that chances of a tattoo be removed successfully after 10 sessions were decreased in smokers by 70%.  There are numerous health benefits that are associated with quitting smoking; however if you really have some ink that you want to get rid of, then this could be the extra motivation for kicking the habit once and for all.

7. Follow your aftercare recommendations

After undergoing the laser tattoo removal process, it may be easy to get complacent about your aftercare.  However, it is essential to follow the advice that you are given to speed your healing process up.  For the 48 following treatment, it is critical to avoid anything that may irritate your treated skin, like perfume, makeup, moisturizers or tight clothing.  Try keeping the treated area dry and cool, so avoid your treated skin being exposed to swimming, saunas, hot baths and the sun.  Do not shave or scratch the treated area, since it will most likely cause irritation.  Exercising caution in all of the areas is important until the blistering has all subsided and your skin has healed.  During your healing process, if you have any doubts or problems, contact your doctor and tattoo removal clinic.

8. Follow a regular appointment schedule

It might sound obvious, but your treatment will work must faster if you stick with your regular sessions.  If you miss appointments, it will slow down your tattoo removal process.  However, it is also not recommended to have your session one after another too quickly.  The optimum amount of time to wait in between sessions is six to eight weeks since this gives your body enough time to break up the ink particles and flush them out, and your skin enough time to sufficiently heal prior to your next session.

If you follow these tips, your body will be given the best chance possible of having a trouble-free and speedy process of removal and healing.  Who yous Maybe you will enjoy other health benefits as well.