Are you regretting chopping your hair? Are you looking for a big change for your hairdo for an important occasion? If you’re looking for a little something extra to boost your braids on your big occasion, you can always try out some faux hair. You can add volume and length to your limp or short hair using hair extensions. If they are done perfectly, they blend perfectly with your hair for a more natural look. Here are the top 15 tips to keep your extensions looking gorgeous and natural for a long time.

Phony Pony

Do you want to pull off a long and proper flowing ponytail? You should try a clip ponytail to create a full-bodied look. Hide the extensions by wrapping your own hair on the base of the ponytail.

Unnatural Colors

Rather than bleaching your hair and damaging it completely, you can always try out clip-in extensions to get the perfect color you’re looking for.


You might certainly have the urge to try out bangs. A few weeks later you’re complaining that your hair can’t grow back fast enough. Well, you can always spare yourself that awkward phase and try out some clip-in bangs that you can always remove whenever you’re tired of that look.


Are you always tired of your clip-ins slipping out in the middle of the night? Well, you can always rough up the roots accordingly. Try teasing the hair above the clip-in to hide it and make your hair look completely natural.

Try Out Wigs

Well, you don’t have to wait till Halloween to try out some wigs. Actually, if you’re looking for a new hairstyle, wigs are the best way to do it without committing to anything.

Upside Down Looks

Besides adding length, you can always use hair extensions to get more volume for your hair. Are you using hair extensions to create a lofty updo? Well, you should add the extensions upside down and make sure the rest of your hair is in the same direction for the best look.

Damp Hair Maneuvers

Are you trying to get curly extensions? You should make your hair damp before adding rollers. Use extension shampoos rather than traditional ones for best results. It’s a good way to cut out the plastic shine allowing the hair extensions to blend naturally into your own natural curls.

Long-Term Braids

With these hair extensions, you can always try box braids, Senegalese twists or Marley twists for a very easy upkeep. On the other hand, when it gets colder and you have to wear scarves and hats, the braid extensions will keep everything tidy and sleek all through.

Proper Match

Are you using synthetic extensions? Well, you should add some shine serum to your hair to get an extra sheen to match the silky appearance of your synthetic extensions.

Creating An Amazing Bun

Most people don’t have enough hair length or volume to create an amazing bun. Well, you can always get that perfect bun with some hair extensions, creating the best topknot.

Protection At The Gym

Just because you have some hair extensions doesn’t mean you should miss out on the gym. You can simply put your hair in a ponytail or bun and add a headband to keep the hair from frizzing and slipping.

Subtle Layering

You can avoid the big chop for as many years as possible but you might not look like that of your favorite celebrity. Well, you can always use clip-in extensions and layer them accordingly for the best natural look.

Gently Sleeping

Do you have woven extensions? Are you looking for a way to keep them looking good for a long time? You can cut the frizz by sleeping on a silk pillowcase and keep them looking as natural as possible. Also, you should not sleep with damp hair to prevent tangling.

Frequent Visits To The Stylist

If you want to make sure your extensions blend perfectly with your hair, you should cut them frequently. They need to be shaped to appear real since with time they will look fake. Always bring your extensions to your stylist so they can be blended into your hair accordingly.

Proper Placement

Extensions are bound to get heavy thus putting stress on your roots. That’s why you need to match the density of your hair. For instance, if you have very fine hair, you should use extensions with a very light density and placed in the areas where your hair is the strongest.

With these useful tips, your hair extensions will look great for a long time to come!