Are you tired of always spotting terrible hairstyles? Are you looking for the best secrets to choosing a good hairstyle? Well, first you must consider your face shape and then choose a haircut that works with the texture of your hair. There are flattering styles for all face shapes but some styles are also unflattering.

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Choose A Cut That Works With The Texture Of Your Hair

The texture of your hair can be curly, dry, wavy, coarse, fine, limp, stringy, oily, curly or straight. Therefore, if your hair is thin, stringy and also falls flat, your head will look fuller if it is shorter. On the other hand, if your hair is coarse and curly, you should use length to weigh it down. If you go shorter, you will get a lot of frizz and fluff and the same works with bangs.

On the other hand, with coarse and curly hair, bangs will make your hair frizzy. Your straight hair will fall flat but cutting it into layers will add enough body. Also, regardless of the hair type, if it’s damaged it will never look good so you can cut it off and let it grow back natural.

What’s The Most Flattering Haircut For Anyone?

According to hair experts, the most flattering hairstyle for anyone regardless of the face type or hair texture is usually a shoulder-length hairstyle. With long hair, your face will appear longer while short hair will make your round face appear too round. Note that, if you have very curly hair, short hair is not a good idea. Therefore, if you’re not sure about your haircut, you can always go for a shoulder-length one regardless of your age, size or shape of your face.

Who Should Try Or Avoid Long Hairstyles?

Long hairstyles refer to one below the shoulders. If you’re a short person you shouldn’t try out a long hairstyle. The same goes if you have a long and narrow face. On the other hand, if you have a square or oval face, a long hairstyle will be perfect for you. Of course, going too long isn’t a good idea because if it passes the height of your breasts, then you’re at risk of looking very outdated.

A Long And Flattering Universal Hairstyle

According to Propaganda Hair Group, the v cut is a hairstyle that’s long in the back and shorter on both sides. The cut works perfectly for any face shape because the length is always in the back and doesn’t come back to the face. You can always enjoy the sexy allure of chin and lip grazing to the layers on the sides.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Short Hair

Short haircuts always come in different lengths. If you’re looking for the best short haircut length for you, then consider your best or worst assets as well as your height. Very tall women often pull off super short hair and creating a very powerful look. Short women with round faces can’t pull off short hair because it makes the face look fuller. Of course, for the best look, you should grow the hair longer than your chin. If your chin is pointy, avoid hair that falls right on it. You can always show off your eyes with side-swept bangs and short hair. 

Try Out Upkeep Hairstyles

Do you hate going to the salon or often put off your appointment for months? You should ask your stylist for a haircut that grows out perfectly. If you have a small forehead, you should try out bangs that start a little farther back on your head to make them long. If you have a big forehead you can try out side-sweeping bangs since they are more flattering.