They say our eyes are the windows to our souls. That is why false lashes are one of the best creation in the beauty industry. They make your eyes look lovely or dramatically extra gorgeous. They can also make your eyes look bigger and brighter. So it’s no wonder you’ll always see a woman with a pair of false eyelashes in her makeup stash.

Admittedly, I only use falsies on special occasions where I really need to look extra. For that reason, my falsies I own have been with me for around five years, or probably more. And yes, it’s normal for me to use one pair of falsies multiple times. I know they’re one of those beauty products that worn out easily, so how do you take care of false eyelashes so it will last as long as mine?

false lashes beauty

1. Remove False Lashes With Care

Most people remove their falsies using tweezers and even eyelash curlers, but honestly, those things can damage your falsies. All you need is the pads of your fingers, don’t even pick them with your fingernails. Grasp the edge of the fake lashes gently (but firmly) between your thumb and forefinger, and peel the band inwards.

If you’re using individual lash clusters, do the same thing but NEVER yank them all at once. Be patient, and do it one by one.

2. Get Rid of the Glue

Now in here, you can use your tweezers. In one hand, hold the lashes gently but firmly between forefinger and thumb. With the other hand, use tweezers to pull the dried lash glue from the falsies. But if you’re more comfortable using only your hands, you can do it too. The same thing can be done as well on clusters.

3. Clean It!

Just like what you do in your face, you have to clean your falsies as well. To clean them, use an oil-free makeup remover. Place the lashes on the tissues and lightly hold the band with your finger, just enough to stop it from moving around. Dip a cotton swab into your makeup remover (squeeze out the excess), and gently rub it on your falsies. When no more mascara left on your falsies, then they’re clean. Just do this, and NEVER soak them in water or even in makeup remover or else, you will ruin them. Also, remember that there are many types of mascara, so make sure what type you use so you know the proper way to remover it.

4. Store It Properly

After you remove the glue and clean your falsies, store them in their original case to keep them in shape until you want to use them again. Also, keep your false eyelashes out of direct sunlight, as it can change the color of the hair.

If you lose your falsie’s original case, don’t worry, you can easily buy a new storage from makeup stores. But if you’re going to buy one, take advantage of the cute falsies cases that will look totally pretty in your vanity table.

Keep these tips in mind and your falsies will last for years. Plus, you’ll save money as well! The last tip I can give you is, make sure you buy good quality false lashes so it will surely last long. They will not be worn out fast and the lashes look like natural hair.

Do you use false lashes? Do you use them more than once?