Do you think that you know everything about fashion? Fashion has a long history and is associated with an array of amazing facts.  In this article from expert writers of the online educational portal at, you will find interesting facts about fashion that you may not know.

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  1. We know Napoleon as a leader who conquered many European countries but he made a small contribution to the development of modern fashion as well. He ordered that all his soldiers had buttons on the sleeves of their jackets because he hated to watch them wiping their running noses on jackets.
  2. To become an Haute Couture designer, a person has to be approved by the Chamber of Syndicale. This is a very serious and strict process. Currently, there are only 14 officially recognized fashion houses that were approved to be good enough to have this title. This exclusive club includes Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, and Chanel but many great designers such as Giorgio Armani failed to be approved.
  3. The first modern bra was created by Mary Phelps, a New York socialite, who made and patented it in 1914. The first bras were different from those that women wear these days because they were made of handkerchiefs. The bra strap clasp was invented and patented by Mark Twain. These days, 10 to 25% of women in Western Europe do not wear a bra.
  4. There are more than 100 different fashion blogs with the USA IP addresses and that number does not include such websites as Tumblr and Pinterest that can sometimes publish content such as you can find on fashion blogs.
  5. There are four fashion capitals in the world (Milan, London, New York, and Paris) that hold fashion shows twice a year in February and in September. The average fashion show lasts only about 10 minutes.
  6. The invention of such item as umbrellas was not connected with protection from rain. The oldest umbrellas were made in 21 AD and their purpose was to shield people from the sun. The word ‘umbrella’ is derived from Latin ‘umbra’ that means shadow or shade.
  7. The most common clothing materials are cotton, linen, rayon, and polyester. Cotton has been used for producing clothing for more than 7,000 years and now it is the most widely used clothing material. It is possible to make 215 pairs of jeans out of one bale of cotton that weighs about 500 pounds.
  8. Scientists found evidence for the first clothes that date back between 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. The first simple needles appeared 30,000 years ago and were made of animal bone.
  9. Women were not allowed to wear shorts in public until World War 2 when it became socially acceptable because there was fabric rationing and women were forced to perform masculine jobs.
  10. Scientists think that people began to wear shoes about 40,000 years ago. But the earliest shoes that were found are sandals that were made approximately 7,000 B.C.
  11. Fashion industry employs more than 4 million globally. They have jobs in manufacturing, design, distributing, advertising, retailing, communication, consulting, and publishing.