This is the first time, ever, that I’m going to write a review about a nose strip because I gave up on them many years ago (okay, not that many. I’m only twenty…. ish). They promise to clear your nose from blackheads yet I’ve never seen them actually did it, and also, removing them hurts. But why am I writing an Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack review now? Well, this product BLEW MY MIND! Not literally, of course! Keep reading to know why.

elizavecca black head solution 3-step nose pack review

What is it?

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack is a kit that removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads while pampering and nourishing skin. By opening pores, cleaning them then closing, and treating them. Your nose area will be unclogged of dirt and excess sebum. Each step is performed by a different nose patch for a thorough, targeted treatment.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Green Tea, Lavender, Chamomile, Aloe, Apple, Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, etc.


APPLICATION: After washing the face, place Step 1 on the nose for 10-15 minutes. Then wet the nose with water and place Step 2 on the nose. After 10-15 minutes, slowly remove it from the edge. Lastly, place Step 3 on the nose. Remove it after 10-15 minutes and gently tap form absorption.

SCENT: The three nose strips are basically scentless.

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack Review - packaging

PACKAGING: The packaging is like those in potato chips, aluminum and easy to tear.


This is my first time using a three-step nose pack because it’s always just one nose strip in Western beauty brands, but this is actually common in Korean beauty brands. The first step pack is like a normal sheet mask except its size if for your nose only. It can’t read Korean, but based on my understanding upon using the sheet, it opens your pores but it doesn’t sting nor heats up.

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack Review - step 1
Don’t mind my new annoying pimple

After 10 minutes, I removed the sheet and lightly wash it off with water and proceeded with the second step pack which is a strip which we’re all familiar. But I have to warn you, this is the stickiest nose strip I’ve ever used. Make sure you wet your nose and align it well onto your nose because there’s no way to adjust it once you stick it.

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack Review - step 2 collage

After 10 minutes, I just strip it all as fast as I can so I’ll be done with it. It sticks so much onto my nose I thought it will hurt but surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as much as I thought. That, or I expected much more pain and when it happened it does not seem bad after all. But upon seeing the strip, oh my! It was VERY satisfying. I never used a nose strip before that removed that much! And when I checked my nose in the mirror, it was clear! Those blackheads and whiteheads that bothered me were really gone.

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack Review - step 2 nose strip
Disgusting but satisfying

After the satisfying step two, I continued with the step three which is for tightening and minimizing the pores. This third pack is like a collagen gel mask which kinda melts on your skin and kinda cooling as well.

Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack Review - step 3


PROS: Unlike nose strips from Western brands, the Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack contains not just the nose strip but also two other sheets that opens the pores so all the clogged inside will be removed, and the other one for tightening and minimizing the pores. But the nose strip itself is very satisfying, it really removed all those stuff that bothered me.

CONS: I wish they also come with a strip and sheets for the chin because we also have blackheads and whiteheads in that area.

Will I Buy Iy Again? Absolutely yes! As mentioned in the first paragraph, this product blew my mind. I was actually forced to use this because I noticed in a magnifying mirror (damn those!) that I have a lot of blackheads but I couldn’t go to my facialist asap. I actually forgot about this because I initially bought this for my younger brother (and he actually likes this) and luckily there’s still one left for me to use. After using this, I immediately opened my go-to K-beauty shop and ordered 5 packs.

Where to buy?

You could buy Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack in Style Korean for $1.63 per pack.  They ship internationally and you can get free samples for every purchase. They also offer free shipping, but the limit depends in each country.

If you’re from the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, you can also buy this in Althea for Php60 per pack or Php300 per box which contains 6 packs.

If you’re from the US, UK or other countries, you can also buy this in Yes Style for $2.76. They also ship worldwide.

What do you think of the Elizavecca Black Head Solution 3-Step Nose Pack review? Do you know other 3-step nose packs that work effectively?