Some dresses just do not suit some body types, and this is a fact you should consider when picking your wedding dress even if it looks stunning. What you should focus on is looking fabulous on your big day; thus you have to rock a gown that accentuates your best body features.

geometric mermaid wedding dress

However, just because dresses are made to fit a particular body size and form does not imply that it will be hard finding something that will work for you. Women have different shapes, and thus most dressmakers will come up with different types of wedding gowns each for the right body type ensuring bride looks exquisite in it. The style options range from:

Mermaid: Work for tall brides with a pear or hourglass figure.

A-Line: Works for the bride that want something that gives a subtle form.

V-Neckline: It is ideal if you have an average bust and desire to show some cleavage.

Strapless: It suites brides with broad shoulders and average bust line.

Jewel Neckline: Works best for ladies with a small bust line and often is backless and with long sleeves and a laced front.

Halter: It is a good choice if you have a slender yet broader shoulder line.

Pleated: The vertical pleats make it the perfect choice for slender ladies with an average height and curves.

Ball Gown: It is one of the perfect choices for tall brides.

Empire Waist: A fabulous choice if you are busty and wish not to accentuate other body features overly.

So what type will look best?

Slender / Short Brides

The A-line style works best because it is a simple style that makes you look tall. The dress should have princess seams and done in a design that is not too full to avoid making you look short. The beadwork should not be too much that it covers the princes’ seams.

Avoid going for a gown with puffed sleeves because they make you appear fuller or broader thus making you look short. The same applies to dresses with tiered or gathered skirts.

Pick: Pleated, V-neckline, A-line

Full-Figured / Short Brides

The trick is to look for a wedding dress that makes you look longer and leaner. The A-line style with vertical silhouette lines will be a good pick. Avoid going for a clingy to very tight gown; it should be a good fit that skims the flow of your body without hugging too much of your curves.

Avoid tiered or bouffant silhouettes more so those with full veils because they make you look bulkier which is the opposite of what you want to achieve. Large prints will not work even if they are done in one color or pattern. The same applies to shiny, heavy fabrics will draw attention to your curves that you are trying to keep hidden.

Pick: Strapless, Ball Gown, Pleated, A-line

Average Weight / Average Height Brides

Almost anything will work for you if you are of this body type more so the gowns with defined waistlines and gathered skirts. It also will be easy finding fitted styles of any type. Thus, the only limitation for you will be your taste and preferences.

Pick: Anything will work just pay heed to your figure and the body features you want to accentuate.

Full-Figured / Average Brides:

Look for something that draws attention to your face. A dress with a straight style and princes’ cut will work for your body, likewise, will a gown with an empire waist. A wedding dress that flows over the hips and does not gather too much at your waist will be ideal if you have a thicker waistline that you wish to hide.

Avoid flattering prints more so those that are too large or too tiny. Also, stay away from gowns with heavy fabrics and too much lacing or beadwork and those that hug you around your hips and waist. Since you want to draw attention to your face, avoid round necklines because they make your face look fuller or rounder.

Pick: Mermaid, Empire Waist, Jewel-neckline

Full-Figured / Tall Brides

Go for something that makes you look slender if you a tall and with a full figure. You want something that makes you look thinner and shadows your height so do not go for gowns with the vertical silhouette. Also avoid shiny fabrics, and heavy beadworks because they will draw attention to body features you wish to remain unnoticed.

Pick: Empire Waist, Mermaid, Strapless

Plus-Sized Bride

Look simple design that hides your bulky figure. A-line styles are the perfect consideration since they will help hide most of your curves. Also, consider working with an empire dress particular one with a waist style that flows from under your bust rather than the waist, it will not look clingy and will ensure much stay hidden.

Tight fits will be a poor choice because they will accentuate your curves. Similarly, wedding dresses with printed or textured fabrics will make you look fuller, so consider working with a luster free fabric or a plain matte satin.

Pick: Pleated. A-line, Empire waist