Now that the warmth of summer is fading away to be replaced by cooler months and winter there are many changes that we make to protect ourselves from the weather. From heat proofing, our homes to freshening up our wardrobes with winter coats and warmer outfits, the chill in the air often set us upon the required preparations. But while getting cozy during winter is important, there is something else we shouldn’t neglect, – our skin. Our first line of defense can become damaged due to the cold, so it’s important to look after it by giving it the right care, here’s how:

winter skincare tips

Top Winter Skincare Tips

Protect your Skin

The easiest way to help keep your skin looking good during the cold months is by protecting it from the winter sleet, cold winds, and snow. You’ll need to invest in essentials such as gloves, scarves, and coats or dig out last years’ items to keep your skin protected.

Use Lukewarm Water Wherever Possible

A hot bath at the end of a long winters’ day is just the ticket for relaxation but it’s also advisable to use lukewarm water instead wherever possible. This is simply because hot water is more likely to remove many essential oils from our skin which makes slightly warm water a better option, particularly for the frequent washing of hands or face.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

This tip is so important we had to repeat it three times in the heading! Applying moisturizer to your skin, especially after washing, helps to keep moisture in the skin for longer. Our skin needs to retain some moisture in order to function properly and remain healthy.

Keep Hydrated

Following on from the above, another way to ensure perfectly moisturized skin is by drinking plenty of water. Thankfully, that doesn’t require huge expenditure that would require financing from this site to achieve, even tap water will do. Ultimately, dry skin cannot be conquered by lotions and potions alone, your hydration levels play an important part too. Skin that lacks adequate water levels can affect your appearance by appearing dull and exaggerating lines, scars, pores, and wrinkles.

Exfoliate Sparingly

Skin experts differ on their views on whether we should exfoliate our skin at all or not. However, exfoliation does help to remove some of the dead skin cells that occur during winter and so you could use the ritual sparingly. Whether it’s an exfoliating mask or a body wash, once or twice a week should suffice during the cold months.

Get a De-Humidifier

As mentioned above, one of the main changes we make during winter is trying to keep the heat in rather than letting it out as in the summer. The heat from radiators and home heating systems can dry out the air and as a result, our skin so investing in a humidifier is a good idea.

Whether you perform a radical change of your skincare routine or like to make minor adjustments to accommodate the change in weather, we all know it’s worth looking after our skin. And with winter weather, even more, taxing on our skin, looking after it becomes even more important. Hopefully, the tips above are helpful this coming cold season!