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If you are in a relationship right now and you see that it is getting serious, you might be asking yourself just how compatible you are with your partner. Many people believe the old adage that opposites attract, but that thought can be misleading.

While it’s true that two individuals who have different personalities can be attracted to each other, it is not the only recipe for a stable and successful relationship. Compatibility is more than just attraction. For the relationship to last, there has to be something the two of you should have in common.

Take a look at your relationship now and check out the list below to see if you and your partner are compatible.

1. You share the same values

If you and your partner find yourself sharing basic values, it would be easier to be successful as a couple. By basic values, these are usually where your belief system comes from. Some of these values may be something that many people already adhere to, such as the belief that stealing is a crime. But under that, there are many ways your belief system can go, such as for example, the idea of white-collar crime. Religious beliefs can be another factor. It would be hard for example for someone who is an atheist to be a person who has a strong religious background.

2. You make the effort to share in each other’s interest

The truth is, you will not always be in agreement with your partner’s choices. Maybe he has hobbies that you are not really fond of. He may be into sports, but it’s just not your cup of tea. But as you begin to get serious in the relationship, you’ll find yourself wanting to make the effort to know more about his interests. And your partner will also do the same. If you do not find yourself compromising on certain things, then you may not be as into the relationship as you originally thought.

3. Your blood types are compatible

Now, this may seem odd. Most people often ask about the zodiac signs of their partner to determine if they are compatible. Each zodiac sign has some dominant personalities, and astrologers say that some signs would make perfect partners together, and some signs would have a hard time being in a loving relationship. But in some places, Japan, in particular, couples actually put a lot of importance on the blood type of their partners. Blood type compatibility may be new to you, but it has been around for a while. There are four blood types, namely, A, B, AB and O. Each blood type also has different personalities and you can find out if you are compatible with your partner based on that personality associated with your blood type. For example, they say that Type B people are like Leos and is compatible with Type O who can counterbalance their personalities. Find out more about blood type compatibility here and see if you and your partner are compatible or not.