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It has been said that looking into a person’s eye is a good way to tell his or her age. However, there is an anti-aging eye revitalizer that can take years off your face and keep individuals guessing your true age. As it relates to anti-aging eye revitalizers, the task of choosing the right one could be daunting. This Vella Visage Anti-Aging Eye Revitalizer review will give you an insight into whether or not it is the best one available.

Safe and All Natural

Vella Visage Anti-Aging Eye Revitalizer is made in the United States with effective, safe and all-natural ingredients. The main ingredients are NaturaBase and Regu-Age.


The microemulsions in NaturaBase are thermodynamically stable, isotropic oil in water mixtures combined with natural ingredients like thickeners, emulsifiers, and humectants. These combine to create highly-stable, visually-appealing products.

Made with surfactant molecules, NaturaBase microemulsions form a monolayer at the boundary between the water and oil. The surfactant molecule hydrophobic tails are dissolved in the oil phase and in the aqueous phase, the hydrophilic head groups are dissolved.

Uniquely processed without heat, NaturaBase has the capacity to successfully incorporate heat-sensitive active composites into a solution. This is done while preserving the same aesthetics as comparable products that require heat for stabilization.


Regu-Age is also contained in Vella Visage and its purpose is to dramatically lessen unsightly puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. This active complex comprises specially-purified rice and soy. Regu-Age enhances microcirculation and blood hemodynamics lessens the appearance of free radicals and decreases the proteolytic breakdown of the elastin and collagen matrix.

Vella Visage review

Does it Work?

Another noteworthy feature of this product is that the formula has been proven to work. The creative process of this skin care formula involved researchers extensively testing every ingredient to ensure it delivers the anticipated results. There have also been extensive clinical trials that the formula has undergone.

Recent clinical trials involved a group of 100 women. Fifty percent were given a placebo product and the others given Vella Visage. They were instructed to use the products for an 8-week period and record any visible changes. When the trial period ended, the respective women were identified and the following outcomes were confirmed by the researchers:

• Reduced puffiness under the eyes
• Eradication of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
• Age spots eliminated
• Boosted production of elastin and collagen

Others’ Feedback on Vella Visage

According to Supplement Police, Vella Visage is an effective, reliable and high-quality formula. Daily use of this product can help you to achieve youthful, beautiful and supple skin for many years.

A review on Supplement Hunter encourages the use of Vella Visage as a component of a comprehensive regimen to lessen wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes. It recommends placing the product to cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. When it is applied, the cooling sensation assists in reducing puffiness. It also dislocates fluid that may have pooled around the eye while sleeping.

A review on Supplement Journal has recommended Vella Visage Anti-Aging Eye Revitalizer as a safe and healthy method of restoring the bright, youthful appearance of your eyes. It further states that for some people, improvements will be noticed in a matter of days; for others, it could take a week or two. Using the serum requires simply applying a few drops to the areas affected and using gentle rubs to enable it to absorb into the skin.

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